The title "UNDERSTANDING UNARIUS" was first conceived because of all the misinformation that I found on the internet. Typically and almost without exception most sites talked about a landing by extraterrestrial beings or other frenetic howling in the wilderness by ignorant, misinformed people who literally know nothing about Unarius and the teachings of Ernest L. Norman. The object of this site is to explain the real meaning of Unarius. Unarius is the liturgies and teaching of Ernest L. Norman, helped by, and after his passing, carried on by his wife Ruth/Uriel.

These previously mentioned sites have all been written by people who have either attended a few classes, interviewed some of the students, or just interviewed people without attending any classes, and more importantly it seems, have not read any of Ernest L. Norman's books. Reading the books is the ONLY way to understand Unarius. I repeat; Reading the books is the ONLY way to understand Unarius. This site contains only direct quotations and chapters from the books dictated by Ernest L. Norman (the Unarius Channel) and nothing else.

There is only a very limited percentage of the population who will find an affinity with this Science, and it is a Science; this has to do with a number of factors which I will not attempt to enumerate at this time. For those who do not find an affinity, their awakening is in another time. They will be helped in other ways.

One of the main purposes of this site is to introduce souls to the "Real Unarius", and to hopefully, give an opportunity for the ready ones to receive a glimpse of the teachings, and to influence them to purchase some of the books. This Science can change you, and your life. All that is necessary is an OPEN MIND and a desire to become a wiser and more positive person.

A grateful student of Unarius, Al McGowan - Contact:  editor@unarius.com


                                                               UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science   

It must not be considered that the works of Unarius represent just another escape mechanism which would find a universal appeal to those in dire straits and circumstances who are seeking an easy way out. It should first be considered that Unarius teaches people a better Way, for it must be understood that the material world as it is now presented, either from the present or the past, is only the beginning of any man’s evolution, from the primitive reaches and beginnings of his existence which can be called man, wherein he is starting that never-ending cycular pattern of interplay with the Infinite Creative Substance of all the seen and invisible cosmos.

And in this concept Unarius is diametrically opposed to any materialistic concept, which tends to equate the world as the sum and total of all things. Neither does Unarius support the religionist, whose approach to the Infinite is in his religion, purely an escape mechanism, and in his deistic attitudes, is only portraying another readapted form of the many paganisms in which he has engulfed himself in past life times.

Therefore the reader and student must fully realize his own moral responsibility in his position with the Creative Infinite Mind; that his present position is the accumulation of the past, and that conversely he must, if not satisfied with this position, obviously change it, as his present position is actually the interwoven matrix of energy wave forms which he has composed from past life experiences.

It is equally obvious that no one but himself can change these things for him. How this is done and the inclusion of all other necessary concepts and various introspective additives, are all presented in these works to the truth seeker who wishes not an escape mechanism but a "New Way of Life", which will be composed of various attributes which will thus express a greater degree of perfection.

Scientifically, philosophically, and in many other comparative forms of retrospection, the student will find in these works, all the necessary constituents and attributes for this, "New Way". He can thus begin to build his new life and with a dedicated patience which when extended into the future and his many thousands of lives, will thus completely reconstitute this person who has so dedicated himself.

As Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened," but let this seeking and knocking and opening be of your own doing, for no man doeth unto another that which he cannot do for himself.

We the channels of Unarius, do dedicate these works to the honest and sincere seeker, knowing that he too, just as we have and are so doing, will find his New Way of Life, and as ye do so, so it shall be added unto you.

  * * * * * * * * *  

The understanding of energy is the basis for all the missing links in our sciences and in our theology. These will be what we call 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional concepts. They will be given you, not only by myself, but also by working in conjunction and in harmony with people who have lived not only on this planet at different times, but who have long since come and gone and reached the point where they need not return again.

I might quote to you such names as Tesla, Newton, Einstein, Planck, Faraday, Volta, Lagrange, Copernicus, Galileo, Plato and many others. You can be assured that they will all have their hand in this instruction to bring collected, conglomerate thoughts and wisdom. They will all add the powers of the projection of their minds.

There is something else upon which I would touch at this time, and this is a definite promise not only from myself but also from the others too; each of you may rest assured that you will assimilate the knowledge given in these lessons even though you do not think that you have done so! Even though your conscious or your objective mind does not function on this level or plane, do not be dismayed. You have a psychic self which lives and recreates you every hour of the day and within this psychic self will be stored this wisdom and knowledge. It will also be made possible for you through these various transmissions, that a truer and more perfect contact will be made with the higher self. There will be changes in your life. They may be subtle or they may be strong, but changes will be made, for everyone who walks this path never returns; instead, he goes on to ever higher and higher dimensions and concepts.

The loved ones in the higher spiritual planes and worlds wish to convey to each and every one of you their own personal message, that you will be guided, guarded and protected. They send you the fullest measure of their love and their understanding.

* * * * * * * * * 

For the present, your material earth life and all its attendant factors are extremely important to you. You should learn to compromise them, to use them to objectify and learn Infinite Creation as it is going on about you. You should determine the different factors and symbolic forms which are no longer useful to you. You should become conscious of the fact that different symbolic forms and usages have passed the point of your necessity in usage, because you now understand them and how they were brought into life and of their function. For instance, you have been given a rather thorough and complete presentation of the historical background of Christianity; the psychological implications have been explained to you. Likewise, the presentation of Infinite Creation has been presented to you—all of which has completely nullified the validity of religion so far as your personal position is concerned—even though it (religion) may be very valuable to many earth people. Therefore, in the final count-down, to determine a more proper course of action in the immediate future just ahead, desist from all such common practices which are done in the pure intent of symbology. Do not use prayers, affirmations, mantras, etc. Don't try to concentrate with a conscious mind which can as yet, only oscillate with that "bucket of fish-worms" you call your subconscious.

Various other symbolic forms should be abandoned, such as Yogi breathing, different postures, diets. Throw into the ash can, along with your Bible, any other symbologies, such as astrological charts and begin to replace them with a more intelligent, constructive and life-giving, life-preserving science. Start looking at the Infinite Creator, not as a white-robed Santa Claus ruling through emotional vicissitudes and supposedly creating through hocus-pocus abracadabra—but rather, view the Infinite Creator as the Master Scientist who not only created all things, but which is the substance and form of all things—an unemotional Creator who presents the same opportunity on the same basic plan of evolution to any human who can and will learn of this Creator, its Creative Principle. And in the learning, you will find the Principle in action, for such is Immortal life—a direct and personal continuity with the Infinite Creator which is expressing this same infinite creative thought and action with you, thus supporting and giving you life in your interdimensional world.

In view of this great and vast interplay of Cosmic Intelligence, Superconscious development, etc., how infinitesimally small and puny then are all of mankind's efforts to sublimate this Infinite Creation into his daily life, expressionary forms and in particular to his religious beliefs. How elemental and ignorant it is to centralize Infinite Creation into an emotional godhead; and after creating this nebulous form, worship it, give it great power over you, blame it for all things which you cannot equalize, attempt to pacify it by vows of felicitation, giving it intelligence enough to create Creation, yet believing it can be duped by false promises; for such is man's religion Christian or otherwise.

As a student therefore, you should begin to realize that this material world is indeed a primitive place in the scale of evolution. It is an elemental world where even the most learned or advanced segments of society still maintain the same savage primitive instincts as do the jungle beasts. Yes, they do more than that; they capitalize their savagery and barbarism by using their reactive power of reason to construct and reconstruct increasingly horrible atrocities against their fellow man. They will deliberately sacrifice a hundred thousand or a million humans in attempt to prove a difference of opinion; and even now they are prevented, perhaps only temporarily, from imminent mass destruction which would destroy both the destroyed and the destroyer.

For the moment then, and until some future time, do not attempt to reconstruct your present life from out the shambles of the past. A better future must be constructed from better stuff and it must be more intelligently put together. This is the purpose of Unarius—to bring the first constructive elements and the knowledge of construction. No person can live into the future in a higher life until he has so reconstructed his psychic anatomy, or more specifically, polarized himself as a human entity into Infinity by the reconstructive polarizing process whereby his Superconscious facsimile becomes his entire being.