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Unarius Books

The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation. (The joining of Science and Spirit for the 21st century and beyond.)—13 Lessons Given at Los Angeles in 1956 and The Advanced Lesson Course given in 1960, the Addendum added in 1970. In the Advanced Lesson Course 1960—Dr. Ernest L. Norman describes and diagrams the magnetic lines of force in the solar system, five years before these scientific "discoveries"—using billions of dollars of technical equipment, including satellites. To the Unariun student many important facts are quite obvious, not the least of which is: you have an unprecedented opportunity to learn of the creative cosmos, even thousands of years in advance of any earth technocracy or science, and to make yourself a better person and insure your immortality in the process of learning.

    The following is a review that was found on the internet. This book is a fascinating read. The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation is a book which describes a universe which is infinite and unending, composed of energy, and follows no mysticism, deities or chance but adheres to strict scientific laws. Originally written in 1956 as a series of lectures and a letter compiled into this book; it is still amazingly current. The author really dismantles religious beliefs and stresses a scientific approach to everyday living. Historic events, philosophical and moral issues are addressed in a relativistic manner and the author makes one think about good and evil in an "Einsteinian" framework. The author keeps challenging accepted beliefs and summarily shatters them, forcing the reader to really think about things. Definitely a must read if just to be exposed to a very unique and indeed refreshing world

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The Voice of Venus. The first book in the Pulse of Creation series. Inasmuch as Unarius is an Interdimensional Science, and that it is primarily concerned with aquatinting the student with the higher, regenerative principles of life, and, as this regenerative principle is pure science, the student must therefore rightfully assume that he must gradually break away from the various religious systems and their associated protocol and dogmas, replacing these more primitive and elemental concepts with the higher science of life.
  This book, The Voice of Venus, by Ernest L. Norman, being the first work in the series, The Pulse of Creation, is therefore, by necessity, an inductive book which bridges the gap, so to speak, between the old materialistic world and the Higher Spiritual Worlds.

The Voice of Eros. The second book in the Pulse of Creation Series. Eros being the Scientific Planet of Shamballa. Let it be said that Dr. Norman gave these planets names, merely for purposes of identification. The third dimensional mind must have names, and places to be able to focus. The third dimension is one of symbology and that even these word forms are autosuggestive, based on learned association and appropriate reactions; everything on earth is symbolic. There are no symbols in the fourth dimension. Therefore as Unarius is an interdimensional Science, in it’s first stage, must be tailored to the earthman as a symbology.

The Voice of Hermes. The third book in the pulse of Creation Series. Hermes being the planet of Philosophy, represents part of the culminative efforts of many thousands of advanced souls, living in the Higher Spiritual Planes of life. We can therefore be pardoned for any feelings of pride in accomplishment, for indeed these works do and will represent to so many thousands of persons in the present and the future time to come, a new way of life, an inward realization of hopes, aspirations and visions, which, in it’s fulfillment, will free them from the dogmatic systems, material strife’s, and various dereliction’s of the earthly world.

The Voice of Orion. Fourth book in The Pulse of Creation Series. Orion is the planet of Teaching and Wisdom. Orion is devoted to educational endeavors and to the different ways in which educational systems and ways of learning are fostered and nurtured among races of mankind.

The Voice of Muse—Unarius and Elysium. The fifth book of the Pulse of Creation Series, encompasses three planets. Muse, the planet of the Inspirational Arts, literature, drama, sculpting, music and painting. Unarius is the planet of Leadership and Integration. Elysium is dedicated to the art of Worshiping.

The Infinite Contact. Subtitled (Religion Exposed) In this book Ernest L. Norman brings through "transmissions" from his higher self, explaining not only the enigma of religion but also several other paradoxes in our present day society.

Infinite Perspectus. Here Ernest L. Norman explores several parables from the New Testament, in the idiom of our twentieth century science. It will be conceded by all who read this book, that it excels both in quality and quantity, any other expressive element in the curriculum of Unarius. It is, as with all other vehicles of Unariun concepts, a book created as a tool which can be used by any individual to dig himself out of the burrow of his material existence.

Tempus Prodcedium. The various articles comprising this book were given at different intervals, sometimes in reply to some student’s letter or questions; other times, when some article of interest appeared in the news, TV, etc., that attracted the Elder Brother’s attention to the point where he would voice his reply and objectification of the topic in question: a few were given in a class lecture. On other occasions he would simply be contemplating and come up with one or more of these discussions. They were given without any thought in mind of becoming a book but were simply individual and separate articles that Ernest L. Norman voiced, and form a great and important addition to the various other texts of Unarius.

Tempus Invictus. Along with Tempus Procedium, like the twin peaks of Copernicus these two books will forever point the way for an aspiring mankind into the Heavenly reaches of the future—the long sought-after immortality, achieved as a practical reality of evolution!

Tempus Interludium, Volume I. (Interdimensional Solar Mechanics) including the section entitled (Of Atoms and Astronauts) Ernest L. Norman explains some of the abnormal reactions of the astronauts upon returning from the moon flights. Some of these reactions are, after 30 years still not understood by our modern day scientists. The topics and subject matter in this book runs the gamut of great and varied interests, which again prove and show the truly Infinite Mind of He whom we call the Moderator.

Tempus Interludium, Volume II. The Various and sundry articles in this volume, were all given at various times throughout the many years by the late, beloved Moderator, Ernest L. Norman. Like Tempus Procedium and Invictus they were not written with any particular sequence in mind, but rather, as the need was realized, were they received from his Higher Self. Many of these articles were written as early as 1960-65, yet the most recent were written or voiced on the recorder within a few months before the Moderator left the physical plane in December, 1971. Because of the several letters written by Dr. Norman to new students, I (the editor) have often thought that Tempus Interludium II would be a great book to begin studying Unarius. 

Cosmic Continuum. In the histories of the world, it is invariably acknowledged that all good, all great achievements and advanced forms of culture were given in posterity to mankind by certain individuals who were equally advanced in their particular idiom. Many of these great souls have died for this cause of moral, mental and physical freedom; others have remained anonymous through the passages of time until the day of vindication when mankind acknowledged their creativeness by common usage. In line with this, we present this book, "Cosmic Continuum", a most amazing and remarkable book, also dedicated to the future generations of mankind who will, in their posterity, find common usage for all principles and concepts contained in it’s pages.

The Truth About Mars. Dr. Ernest L. Norman is the progenitor and mental giant, writing from the higher statement of a full consciousness of the reality of the mind as a cosmic centrifuge. This is the first book written by him in 1955, inaugurating the Unarius Academy of Science. In this small but important book, a first, Dr. Norman extends the present knowledge of life on our close companion planet Mars, which has all the biological and geological conditions for the evolutionary development of life forms, including Homo sapiens.

The True Life of Jesus of Nazareth. Channeled in1899 by Alexander Smyth. Given on Spiritual Authority from spirits who were contemporary mortals with Jesus while on Earth. Slashing through 2,000 years of Christian fanaticism, this book represents the true biography—before and after the crucifixion of Jesus. It exposes for all time, the great hypocrisy of the Christian religion as the culmination of a villainous plot, contrived by the arch villain, Saul of Tarsus, and his cohort, Judas Iscariot—a plot that changed the world’s history for thousands of years.