Infinite Contact Chapter 26

The Great Hoax

It has been observed countless numbers of times that it takes all kinds of people to make a world; however, the full implications of this humble bit of philosophy are not fully realized except by those people who are interested in and are performing some humanitarian effort. This is particularly true when such an effort involves personal elements of a psychological nature and in which some such person, who may be attracted by this humanitarian effort, can see or read into it a possible means of escape from one or a host of sins, iniquities, derelictions and aberrations.

In this general escape mechanism, these escapists are attracted en masse to the standard of any such real or phony humanitarian efforts. Unfortunately, almost all efforts so tendered have to a large degree, been of such phony or invalid characteristics; they have all promised, but failed to deliver. Perhaps the greatest single character in our modern times to capitalize on this human frailty was Phineas T. Barnum and his various fraudulent activities which are historically well known.

However, other great frauds which have been perpetrated on humanity are not so generally recognized. In fact, the greatest of these has gone for thousands of years unrecognized except by a very few, for what it really is—a great hoax. This great hoax is religion and in general classifications of all religion, past or present, the present day Christian orthodoxy—or whatever it is called—is the greatest single representation of this great fraud.

We may attempt to justify or rationalize the existence of these religious systems. We may say that they were necessitated as a general development in the mental and spiritual qualities of mankind throughout the ages. However, this optimistic philosophy is soon dissipated when we strip religion bare of its veil of mysticism and present the bare, ugly machination behind religious systems.

In common, all religions had a similar basic starting point. They were first born in the primitive mind of the jungle savage as he watched bolts of lightning crash from the stormy skies, or that he saw a great volcano spewing forth its lava. These and countless other natural phenomena gave rise in the savage mind to a system of justifications. These unknown mystical potentials were given personal identification and a symbolic pan theology was built around them.

Today, Christianity still clings to these vicious symbologies. It has built around them its own pan theology, adding strength to this viciousness, for under its stifling cloak, reason and self-initiative are snuffed out and every person who so believes in this system is strangled by the cord of salvation, held in the hands of his fancied "savior". Yes, the common escape mechanism, engendered by fears of want, insecurity, greed and lust, have made helpless slaves of any and all of those who are attracted into the mesmeric mists of these false hinterlands, led there by the bloody cross and equally bloodied robes of those who carry it.

The crucifixion should become a symbol, not of salvation, but a symbol of personal crucifixion to any persons who follow this pagan symbology. There is only one way to attain this long dreamed of salvation; that is, to take the pathway of constructive evolution and to gain the first foothold on this pathway; to take the first step means that every person who so starts must discard his ancient pagan symbologies. In their stead, he must rebuild and reconstruct an entirely new dimension of purpose and attainment; he must begin to attain certain scientific knowledge which makes the function of the Infinite Creative Intelligence possible.

This knowledge cannot be symbolized; neither is it reducible to some mathematical formula. It is more than knowledge. It must actually become the factual working elements and ingredients of each personal life. It mandates personal responsibility for every thought and action as part of the function of this Infinite Creation.

Unfortunately, the present mental horizon of any existing human being cannot encompass such broad extractions. All humans are living under a rote system; each action or reaction is some part of the various reactive and instigating forces which surround this human. Under these conditions he does not and cannot either sustain or originate constructive individual thought and action. Perhaps this statement may be very startling but careful analysis with any or all people yields the same results. They are all following these same reactionary patterns and rare indeed is the person who gives rise to some new and original thought and action which is beyond the dimension of his earth life.

If we look about us in our present times, we may see many new scientific inventions which may seem to be the result of some more highly developed creative effort by those responsible for them. However, here too, analysis will show that these various inventions and developments have also been born as the progeny of some great necessity. Their parents may be great idealisms wedded to earthly fears and frustrations and from these strange minglings, some creation is born.

So it was with the Wright Brothers and the first aircraft. Yet, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as countless others in bygone ages, longed for and visualized the free soaring flight of birds. This too, was part of the great escape mechanism.

In general therefore, all classifications of individual spontaneous reactive efforts of humans can be said to be engendered from some such an escape mechanism. A painter who puts beauty on a canvas is only temporarily escaping the vicissitudes of earth life in some subliminal self creation and in a semi cataleptic state, he ascends into the arboreal regions of some fancied realm when in his transported condition, some of the beauty may leak off into the paint which he daubs upon the canvas. And as with the artist, so it is with all those who seem to be creative, even including those who may be self sufficient in their creative efforts.

We cannot deny the existence of great spiritual worlds beyond this third dimension; in fact, any form or substance, even in the existence of man himself, would be but a hollow mockery, a useless and unintelligent freak of happenstance unless there were such great worlds beyond this.

How natural then, for man in his earthly mire, to seek an escape from all the insecurities, sins and iniquities which are inherent to this plane. For, is not man born of this infinite substance? Like all things, large or small, the earth and all its creatures have been created from this sublime spiritual stuff.

Each thing, though it may appear to be different, is a highly developed and organized system of tiny solar systems of energy and these in turn, claim as their parents, the very substance of the Infinite Mind. Yet as of today, almost all mankind walks in ignorance of all this. His eyes are darkened against that which must reach through to him before he can escape from his self constructed pit of clay, for while he clings to this cross or his heathen gods, he will be blind to his Kingdom of Heaven Within, for he will constantly recreate new ways, new means and new methods to justify his false symbologies.

No man is saved, save that he is reborn of the spirit; these words uttered 2000 years ago have the same meaning today, for within the countless creative effigies of the Great Intelligent Mind which lives within every human, yet he and he alone must seek and find them and only he will be so reborn when he finds them, for in the finding of these countless creative effigies, man finds the living of his own life in them and in the living, so do these effigies become the new man and he is reborn again.

How well then that we, whoever and whatever place in life we may now occupy, let us see that wherever we are, each and all things about us are part of this great effigy of the Creative Mind. Let us see it not as some symbol or system of symbologies but as a definite, active, recreative part of the Great Infinite Creative Mind. When we have formed within our minds, this constant never ending recreative form and substance, then we can begin to fashion a new home for ourselves, not made from the reactive symbolic forms of these material worlds, but made from form and substance which is creative in nature and part of the Infinite Effigy.

So we will be born again, and of spirit, not by the words of false minions who, in their false deifications, are still perpetrating the great hoax and in this creation we will find that the very nature of the material world, each man’s life is the greatest hoax of all, for in living this life, man seems bent upon every destructive purpose. He is wanton and wasteful with all the abundant resources which are part of his world. He will spend great wealth to kill his fellowman in some fancied deviation of life, or he is forced to spend his resources in defending himself from other false ideologies. He will erect great hospitals and use all his technical skill and knowledge to perpetuate a miserable life for hopelessly crippled people and use even greater technical skill and resources to decimate the world of its strongest youth. He will judge a man to die for the death of another, even though the power of his judgment is vested in him by a government guilty of mass murder.

And while he is doing these things and many more insoluble and perplexing mysteries, he is deifying himself, and in his eulogy, he claims kinship with the Creator. He will even go so far as to claim complete salvation from all his sins and iniquities by crying out the name of a man who tried to show him a better way 2000 years ago. And while we are pondering on these and many strange paradoxes of human nature, which can we rightfully say is the greatest hoax? For even in the creation of these different hoaxes and in the living with them and by them, man has only betrayed himself, that he and he alone, individually or collectively, is the greatest of all hoaxes, and that he, Judas like, is daily betraying himself for the few pieces of silver which represent his earthly life.

He betrays himself when he gives power to others over him, and when he assumes power over others he is also betrayed. And so life has been lived by man for thousands of years; each age and each civilization has brought forth its new hoaxes and even as of today, man is still living by them. They are the same as when man first found them in the jungles of long ago. They are the same as those lived and worshipped in the yesterdays and as of each day and each time, man has dressed them in new garments and given them different names.

So it will be of tomorrow and those who are born in that future will find them again, and they will clothe them differently and call them by new names. They will become the symbols in his place of worship; they will be the symbols in his monetary system. They will be heard in the screams and groans of the dying who have sacrificed their lives to them, for this is the way which all earth men take, and throughout this great universe and its countless galaxies and even more countless solar systems—many with worlds like our own—mankind is still following and finding his symbologies. He is still deceiving himself!  He is still perpetrating the same reactionary system of hoaxes. This he will do until his judgment day when he judges himself as his own betrayer and in his prison in which he has cast himself, he will seek out the one small window through which the radiance of the inner light shines and as he seeks the light, so is he purified and made whole, and in his wholeness, he is reborn and in the radiant beauty of his new spiritual body, he will fly like a homing dove to the higher worlds of Light.




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