Cosmic Continuum

Chapter 18

Integration With Infinite Consciousness

Concept is only one of these adjutants to understanding, and in understanding or realizing it in its full intensity so far as the individual is concerned, man has actually eliminated all known barriers of time and space in his own immediate reactive physical world. The body, as a vehicle wherein the twelve or fifteen million brain cells have thus been impounded, means little, or is of absolutely no consequence whatsoever in regard to the fact that we are immediately concerned with objectifying consciousness in any part of the Infinite Cosmos. When this is done through a system of relationships and through existing forms of energy transferences known as vibrations, oscillations, or cyclic patterns of interdimensional relationships, it merely means we have linked ourselves infinitely to this Infinite Cosmos with any one or a number of given points of perspective.

When this particular symposium is carried into a little higher dimension of relationship—as man is a product of evolutionary circumstance—he will, in developing this particular relationship of life to himself in the future, also build the seemingly necessary energy body wherein he will be able to express, through various centers of this energy body, the necessary polarizing and catalyzing forms of energy which will actually integrate him with this Infinite Cosmos. This will explain to the religionist, the theosophist, or the cultist, the actual existence of the human embodiment in some higher or spiritual dimension.

This is not done through the living form of flesh in future days of the resurrection, as it is expressed in our modern day Christianity, wherein the Christian believes that somehow his body will be gathered together when a certain horn blowing takes place. Actually, he will be able in some period of time—such as a millennium—to integrate sufficient wisdom into his mind so that he will see the possibilities of living in another world which is not material in nature, and that his body will be composed of pure energy wave forms in different polarity patterns which can be similarized to the various organs of his body in their functional relationships to him and to the Infinite Cosmos.

In that far off and seemingly distant future, as far as the materialist is concerned at the moment, he will no doubt possess the necessary understanding so that he can look into this energy body and see its functional relationship to the Infinite Cosmos about him, just as he can see and relate his own physical body into his own immediate physical environment. The various organs of the body, as they function in a physical sense, are quite well known to almost everyone in this day and age and the various ways and means in which organic chemistry is sustained in this body is also to some degree, known to everyone. In the future thousands of years when people have developed consciousness to the degree that they can see themselves living in this pulsating energy body and that the various centers in this psychic or spiritual body are just as realistically integrated as are the various poles in the more Infinite Cosmogony about them, they will then indeed be spiritual creatures and will no longer need to return to the earth.

This is one more of the infinite ways in which the great Universal Mind, or the Originating Creator of all things is thus concerned, by maintaining Infinity into all finite abstractions of various interdimensional relationships. This Universal Mind is infinite in all things, and in so being infinite, must therefore maintain this finite abstraction into all things.

Man, as he is posed and lives and equates his physical world is and will be just as he has always been, only one of the infinite number of points of introspection which any individual will maintain for any given point of time in his travels into the Infinite. This material dimension is actually the beginning of the evolutionary process which will carry him into the higher spiritual worlds where he will live in the future. He is in this way, in expressing his material world, only polarizing the various forms of consciousness as they are contained in the more complete abstractions of the higher Superconsciousness as it has been posed and explained in previous contexts.

Quite necessarily then, the various adjutants which would support this consciousness in a suitable physical or material environment, have also become part of this environmental transposition wherein he can live and manifest life in different and suitable agencies for its expression. In part then, mans abysmal ignorance can be somewhat justified on the basis that he is still comparatively a very primitive creature in the eye of this Infinite Consciousness. His greatest and most difficult problem as to the immediate present is to free his mentality and his concept of the world about him from the more immediate reactionary plane of existence wherein he has, through his physical science, attempted to justify the Infinite Cosmos and thus to free himself from his binding pit of clay. He can develop consciousness to a degree which will more suitably integrate him with Infinity and in relationships which are much higher and much more spiritual in nature.

Man can therefore be considered in true essence, a creature which is still not completely man but is actually very strongly related to the animal kingdom upon which he depends for his very existence. Man in his daily life, is still exhibiting many of the more animal like characteristics and attributes from which he sprang, such as giving birth to living young and suckling them upon the breast, just as do the animals in the lower kingdoms about him. He is also quite as guilty as some animals in various expressions of passion, such as hate, avarice and the will to survive which gives him the necessary destructive intents wherein he will actually destroy his fellow man to support that in which he believes, in the various ideologies for his own existence.

If he could only realize before he fired a gun or exploded an atom bomb, that the Infinite Cosmogony is quite capable of supporting not only all of the known inhabitants on the face of the earth in a much higher state of consciousness but that there are also an infinite number of human beings living in various dimensions all about him and also in much different states of consciousness. Should he at any time, before firing these weapons of war, obtain within his own inner consciousness some glimpse of this Infinity about him, he would quite likely throw away these weapons and warlike attitudes and start to live for the day wherein he would more fully justify in his own consciousness, one of these higher forms of life.

Unfortunately however, as far as time is concerned—and as time is the necessary adjutant in these material worlds for the sole and express purpose of relating any individual into a natural sequence of consequences—the average human being as he exists on the face of the earth today, is quite necessarily living in the age and time which he has justified by previous lifetimes. In other words, as a product of evolution, through hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, man has built himself up to his present state of consciousness and is fully expressing it in the material worlds at this moment. We are therefore not concerned with these materialists who believe so strongly in complete justification of all known material values in their everyday life, but we are more immediately concerned with those who have gone beyond this point into some of the more spiritual abstractions in which they have, either consciously or intuitively, incepted into consciousness various experiences in past lifetimes as well as such interpolations of consciousness in which they have lived in spiritual worlds in the lives between earth lives.

Every person does, from the time of death until the time of rebirth, live in some spiritual world, and to the materialist this is indeed a very nebulous, gray and hazy world wherein he finds himself without his physical body, simply because he does not have the necessary forms of consciousness to maintain a conscious relationship with the spiritual world in which he finds himself, and all of his values of life are posed upon material values which no longer exist in the spiritual world about him. Consciousness to this degree however, is fortunately not completely justified in all intents and purposes, for overshadowing any human being in this nether world of spiritual values is that Higher Superconsciousness, that spiritual cell or nucleus, which has been created in cyclic patterns by the Infinite Consciousness.

These guiding and motivating forces which are constantly stemming into the psychic body of the person who is wandering about in the spiritual nether worlds—without form or substance—sometimes do, and will eventually in some succeeding spiritual world, (in the life between lives), lead him into such plateaus of understanding wherein he can see his fellow men about him existing in different states of spiritual consciousness. He then begins to form within his own mind the will and the desire to elevate himself into a more realistic position with this Infinite Cosmogony. Therefore, in succeeding lives on the earth plane, he will consequently seek about him in his present physical environment the various and necessary forms of life wherein he can justify what he intuitively or inwardly knows to be a higher form of life. Thus he has been spiritually quickened to a degree wherein he now wishes to shed the material world in all its entirety and in all its implications. He will also be quite conscious and keenly aware of all the various deficiencies in the material world about him. He will become much more alert and aware of the intense suffering going on in the various hospital wards, asylums and prisons in this physical world. As a consequence, he will be imbued with a greater desire to help relieve these sufferings, for somehow within the reaches of his inner self is oscillating a former pattern of relationship lived in a spiritual world and in a higher plateau of understanding.

To this person, therefore, can be given the message of hope; should he continue on in his pursuance of a higher Spiritual Way of Life, he will eventually escape the domain and the dominion of this physical world and will gradually evolve into one of these higher worlds of consciousness.

We therefore, who have been spiritually quickened and are aware, cannot be deterred from our purpose of evolution into these higher worlds; nor will we be intimidated by the various coercive agencies which are expressed about us in the world today. We will not be driven from our forward path of evolution by snide remarks that we are "queer people" or we have "queer ideas"; neither shall we take the various compounds of philosophies as they are extracted from this physical world and physical science about us as the ultimate values in this spiritual evolution. We also thoroughly understand that these values are just as necessary to the materialistic minds as our spiritual values are necessary to we who have been so spiritually quickened, that they too, are undergoing that common metamorphosis—just as we did in the past—and in the future, their guiding Light of higher Spiritual Consciousness will eventually lead them into a higher relationship of spiritual values and will point out to them—quite obviously—not only the necessity but the complete feasibility of life in the higher worlds without the necessity of the physical existence.

Therefore, life in these spiritual worlds is not a mystical supposition—as it is posed in various pantheologies, cultisms and even in our modern Christianity—but is a factual and realistic development of life. It means an integration of heretofore unknown elements of interdimensional transpositions into everyone’s daily life, and as the Infinite is filled with an infinite number of different interpolations of life, through consciousness we automatically select such environments and such inclusions into our lives as make these things compatible with us. We also develop the necessary vehicle of transposition, such as the various bodily forms and the other environmental factors which help to polarize and justify the life which we find in these higher spiritual dimensions and make life much more compatible and suitable to us, even more so than we shall find in our physical dimension at the present time.

For indeed it is so, that when we have realized this spiritual life has been completely freed from the sins and iniquities, the dogmatic patterns of interpolations of the physical plane, then it must also be that we shall live in complete freedom from them, for they shall no longer exist in our consciousness. Instead, we shall supplant these patterns with a more infinite interpolation of life wherein we shall begin to oscillate, through common centers of intelligence in our spiritually formed body and mind, into the various infinite reaches of the Cosmic Universe. In that day and time—if it can be called time—we will have justified our search for Utopia; we shall have found our New City of Jerusalem as it is called by Christianity; we shall have found that Nirvana as it was termed by Buddha, the Happy Hunting Ground by the American Indian; and we shall have found any one or any particular type of Heaven which has been vaguely visualized by the inhabitants of the earth in one period of time or another.

Man must not create for himself an escape mechanism simply to escape the earth without forming suitable relationships with the Infinite into which he shall travel in the future, for if he does seek to escape the world simply because of its worldly implications without suitable knowledge of the future, it would truly be disastrous to his forward path of evolution and would only incur greater amounts of suffering and so called karma in future lifetimes and dispensations. Therefore, it is wise and it is well that we be constantly alerted in our future way of life, to impound as much of the higher spiritual values of life as possible, to completely do away with and tear down the known limited barriers of physical consciousness and to realize that the Infinite Cosmogony—as it is within—can be realized within the precincts of our own immediate consciousness, for this is indeed the only true way of all men and the purpose of all men.

"Gather ye not treasures of earth for rust and moth to corrupt but rather, gather ye treasures in Heaven."




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