Cosmic Continuum

Chapter 3


This particular concept cannot and should not be applied to the persons who are in our common existence and to whom we refer as evil. Such people have found the values of life only in such things as sex and various material attributes and they commonly express all of the very negative elements of selfishness and self-centeredness which an evil person can be considered to be expressing. It must be remembered that these people are not in any sense of the word, developed as either spiritually "good" or spiritually "bad" people. But whenever we find a person who has formerly developed a great spiritual personality in a "good" sense and this same person has then degenerated or switched the bias so to speak, from the direction in which his Superconsciousness has been developed, we shall find this person in dire straits and circumstances. We shall find also that this person is expressing outwardly into the physical world the sum and total of this great negation in some manner or form.

We can thus find our Hitler's, our Genghis Khan's, other kings, emperors and exponents of what we might call evil forces, as they have been expressed in the pages of history. Here again is posed another question which the student may ask. It has been said that the door to reformation is never closed to any individual, and that in the more crude or primitive translations, God is all forgiving and—this is so.

Should a person at any time in this degenerative process (as he is now an evil person), find he is thus slowly destroying what he had formerly built with great care in the many lifetimes and in finding this destructive process, he can turn about and change his direction of evolution, providing of course that he meets all of the necessary requirements as they are contained in various conjunctions, energy transmissions, concepts and other particular cycles which are most necessary for this change about condition. It must also be borne in mind that the evil person has multiplied infinitely the necessary amount of force which will be needed for him to change his direction. In other words, as an evil person, he has been traveling in an opposite direction through "time and space" at a tremendous rate of speed, so to speak. He can thus be compared to a man in a rocket ship who is approaching a planet and wishes to slow down the many thousands of miles an hour speed which he has attained through free space, so that he will not be burned up and destroyed by the impact with the planet which he is bent upon reaching.

The amount of energy and force necessary to change the Superconsciousness in its destructive flight and purpose, is equally proportionate to the amount of energy which was involved in constructing this Superconsciousness and projecting it in the wrong direction. It can therefore be easily conceived that this amount of energy must be tremendous and cannot be remanifested or regenerated in any one particular moment or even in one particular lifetime.

This person is now concerned with an evolutionary pattern backwards so to speak, to backtrack his former course of evolution; he is now posed or biased in a completely positive manner, the opposite to the former one which was biased in a negative direction. This in a sense, means that for every overt or destructive act which he has performed in his own selfish intent and purpose, he must at least reconstruct an equally positive and diametrically opposed positive force against it in order for cancellation and catalysis to take place in this action. This process can therefore easily involve the various purgatories which have been the common belief of many people who have lived upon the planet earth, such as were described in Dante’s "Inferno", and those which are preached from the pulpits of the various Christian churches. These purgatories are, quite naturally, the self imposed conditions, as they are viewed introspectively by the individual in the spiritual worlds, as he is concerned with his own evolution. His remorse and self recriminations are equally great and matched only by the sins and acts of his own consciousness.

This will therefore resolve the individual’s own particular philosophy of life into understanding the Infinite and his own relationship to the Infinite, as the Infinite is in itself as thus so described, Infinite. It can be conceivable within the individual’s mind as he is posed in the various biases which are contained in his psychic body and superconsciousness that he views this Infinity in direct ratio in the common terms of frequency relationships which he has thus so far developed.

In other words, there is nothing in this Infinite Cosmogony which concerns any individual except that which he can conceive within the normal relationships and processes as they are contained in energy wave forms and patterns in the daily process and transmission of life. He will never, at any time, exceed the limits of the concepts of his own mind and quite naturally, these concepts must be the direct result of development.

In this process of development, man gradually expands the ability of his power of concept to include a much greater proportion of the Infinite Cosmogony. When an individual has thus fully expanded his consciousness to this degree, it is imperative then, that he must also conversely, have developed the necessary determinants and attributes wherein he, as an individual, can be selective in all the proportions in which he thus is able to conceive. In other words then, he must always relate whatever proportions of Infinity he conceives within himself as constructive proportions and which are so positively biased in his own relationship of life. Should he ever, in his process of conception and lack of knowledge of this principle, inadvertently conceive and relate himself to these conceptions with Infinity in negative wave forms—or patterns of relationship—he is thus automatically beginning his own destruction and precipitating himself in the opposite direction into the negative worlds.

This has always been the common point of departure for those who have instituted themselves as evil forces, not only in the material world but in those various astral and subastral worlds in which they function. Through the processes of life and in the determinant qualities of introspection as they concern Infinity and in their expanded and conscious state, these individuals were either not fully cognizant of or lacked the necessary knowledge to determine these various relationships of Infinity with their own inward concepts and relationships to Infinity in a positive manner. Thus, they incurred that gradual change-about process which precipitated them into the negative direction. Another factor which abets this trend is the seeming lack of knowledge, or perhaps merely a lassitude, which could quite naturally be incurred by the individual’s own false sense of proportion and power which he had assumed in his development of the superconsciousness, for a person developing to the point where he could be considered an Adept or an Avatar could quite easily be swayed, inadvertently or otherwise, with the powers of his own Superconsciousness.

This was the problem which confronted Jesus in the Holy Land and is so graphically depicted in His temptation by the Devil on the Mount, which is only a parable in nature but illustrates the struggle which is often incurred by those who are developed in their Superconsciousness, for always this person is tempted within himself to use the power which he has developed for his own personal gain and for his own personal development. This, as has been postulated, begins that compressive and destructive process which will eventually destroy the Superconsciousness of the individual if it is continued in as great a proportion to that which was formerly incurred in its development.

Relationships are basically all the same and the equivalents can always be multiplied in the common terms of mathematical formulas. In other words, two times two is four; if we incur a negative force of a certain proportion and intensity and involve a certain determined amount of energy, it is quite natural to suppose it is going to take an equal amount of positive force to cancel out and neutralize this negative force, plus an added quantity of bias which would perpetuate and sustain this positive force after it has performed its operation.

Therefore dear reader, in your new philosophy of life, you can always commonly resolve the Infinite Cosmos and your relationship to it in regard to just how you can conceive this Infinity and just how much of this Infinity you can relate to your own particular transmission of life. In this conception, always be positively biased, for if a positive bias is not maintained, negative bias is always the penalty to pay and negative bias means eventual destruction.




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