The student to whom this letter was a reply, asked several questions regarding the Science.

Dear Unariun friend: Now about those questions. In themselves, questions like these indicate a person who has or is trying to go beyond the commonly associated patterns and levels of earth society—a person who is attempting to begin the process of evolution which will eventually, in the eons of time ahead, metamorphose him into a spiritual being.

It's questions like these that have been asked thousands of times by thousands of aspirants and that's exactly what Unarius is all about—to answer these and countless other questions which constantly arise.

In its total curriculum, the Unariun Library is complete and will supply answers to any and all questions for many thousands of years. We would only be doing you a disservice by trying to piecemeal as it were, bits of information which might seem relative at this time to your questions. The proposition is, by beginning to read and study, by constantly pursuing this never ending quest, you will in time, begin to understand.

There are many levels of consciousness to be attained through reading the books and lessons. They are a never ending source of information. New clarity, new answers appear as a new level of consciousness is attained. And don't forget that wonderful transcending, life changing power which is always projected whenever a student picks up a book and starts to read.

The concept of Unarius as a Mission is relatively simple. Countless ages ago, millions of Advanced Spiritual Beings, living in the timeless-spaceless Inner Dimensions, were able to look into future history of the earth world and to very accurately plan what might best be described as a life saving Mission. They realized that without certain aid and assistance, the peoples of such an earth world could only advance in their evolution to a certain point—and as all progress must be constructively biased, these people must be helped in the jumping off process which would eventually lead them into one of the inner dimensions or kingdoms where they would be not only self supporting, but would be sufficiently constructive to aid in the grand plan of creative evolution.

And so this Brotherhood would from time to time and at an appropriate period, send one of their numbers as an Emissary so to speak, where more directly attached to an earthman body, the Emissary would be able to propagate into the earth world the proper part of that particular mission. In a relative way, this is analogous to an ordinary television set which is tuned to a certain station except of course, the program material is vastly different and also that it radiates out into the earth world many thousands of different kinds of energizing, healing, and transforming power beams. We might enumerate a few of these Emissaries: Zoroaster, Amenhotep, Anaxagoras, Jesus, et cetera, and in certain ways, they were all one and the same; they all relayed into the world at that particular time a certain preparatory phase of the final mission which is now being propagated

It is imperative for your own sake and for whatever hopes and aspirations you may have in the future, that you learn about the grand plan of creative evolution. To survive you must eventually develop yourself into a spiritual being who lives without a physical body in one of the inner dimensions that is not only entirely different from this earth world but which would defy description and the necessary intellect to comprehend it at this time.

Therefore, be patient. The questions you now ask will be answered, and you will ask these same questions in different ways in the eons of time in your future as you seek new answers, for this is indeed your future—a future which is not wrapped up with a web of conflicting ideas and in a neat little box as it were, wherein most people hope to justify the entire compass of their lives. Yet as they live from within this little box, so do they ever spin from day to day, new and tenuous strands of conflicts and eventually a cocoon so strong, they would perish but for the way in which the power and intellect from a Higher World would help them unravel this tissue of their past.

Please do not misunderstand us and our position. We are not a Messianic Mission as it is associated in Christian beliefs. We do not pretend, nor do we promise to save anyone because they believe in us—or anyone else for that matter. It is a mandatory requirement that you must change yourself. We supply the proper tools, (actually, knowledge) along with the necessary inspiration, demonstrations, and judicially applied corrective healing powers. It is quite senseless to believe anyone can be saved—which means in effect, to be suddenly levitated into one of the inner timeless, spaceless dimensions, which would be absolutely incomprehensible without the necessary evolutionary preparation and growth.

In its final phase as it is now being propagated, Unarius is the Second Coming; the Emissary or Moderator is in certain aspects, a compound of those certain Emissaries who have gone before and in particular, Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed, the mission was so appropriately timed with the coming of the atomic age and the explosion of the thermonuclear bombs, wherein the Biblical prophecies. such as were given by Peter, were fully and adequately justified—that He did return at the time when the heavens rained fire, and even the elements burned with the fervent heat—and at that time, to begin a lifesaving Mission among the hundreds of millions of human derelicts, scorched and burned as it were, by the vast dross of human materialism—a swirling maelstrom of endless and repetitious conflicts wherein all seemed to be sucked down into some vast, endless, darkened depth. These hopeless ones' only hope was in the way in which the Unariun Brotherhood could, from the inner dimensions, enter into the secret closet of their minds and there light the flame of life—a Light that would later brighten the darkened path which would lead them into the realms of light above.

So let it be, if you are one of these who have in your secret closet found your light, then let it lead you to where we await.







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