The following teaching was given in a reply letter to a student requesting healing for another.

Dear Unariun: As of your communication received December 20th, I note that you have enclosed a clipping of a four year old boy dying of leukemia, and your remarks of deep concern regarding this and other examples of what seems to be a terrible and sad state of affairs, also the lack of knowledge and ability for medical science to relieve these incurable illnesses and a direct plea to myself to do something about these paradoxes.

Now my dear friend, your concern is quite humanitarian; it is well that we are so concerned with our fellow man, but should be in a more compassionate and understanding way. Here at the Center, we are daily confronted with newspaper accounts, personal pleas, etc., from various people to relieve their conditions. However, in a true compassionate understanding, we must be concerned with many factors which are involved with each case and which are not apparent to those concerned with them.

Let us review these various factors which will enable us to more properly understand these inexplicable dilemmas and paradoxes which seemingly refuse to yield to what the average person thinks is a reasonable equation.

The first factor involved is reincarnation; lack of knowledge on this subject gives the earth man his greatest fear of death. However, this is rightly so in his present position in the scale of evolution. He is still comparatively speaking, an animal like creature which is just beginning to become spiritually minded of the great Creative Infinite Intelligence and which is called God or gods by various religious factions.

This Infinite Creative Intelligence is Infinite and Creative only by being finite in an infinite number of forms of consciousness and in constantly recreating these  forms, sustains and regenerates Infinity. A planet such as the earth, becomes a third dimensional place where this abstract consciousness assumes countless millions of forms of expression in some external configuration which we see as the plant and animal life of the earth. This recreative and regenerative process is so sustained by certain principles: one of these was called by Darwin, “survival of the fittest”, which means simply that inferior plants or animals will not survive to breed their inferiority into a succeeding generation.

This is most necessary, not only to strengthen any or all such species, but  to ultimately resolve these species into new and different forms (which is done on the inner plane). If the inferior misfit did breed his inferiority, a retrogressive cycle would be started which would destroy the form and purpose of the species and eventually render the planet earth sterile.

Human beings still live and function under this principle despite attempts, scientifically and otherwise, to circumvent this action. This meddling with the principles of function of the Infinite has caused grave conditions to come about in this world of today. For instance, the population explosion in India and in other countries is the result of science using various insecticides and sanitation methods which have upset the balance between birth and death in these countries.

Now this may sound heartless and cruel, but this is not so. People who die before their natural time, and under diseased, accidental, or other similar conditions, are almost always trying to work out certain psychic conditions from which they previously suffered or died in a former lifetime. With such strong psychic impingements, such a person inevitably attracts himself to a similar condition in the present life, subconsciously hoping to conquer it. This is done repetitiously from life to life, until such a person learns how to live through it.

Here again the Infinite Intelligence is in this human expression, recreating itself in an infinite number of experiences. Thus, after many lifetimes and living an infinite number of these experiences such a human can be presumed to be infinitely wise and godlike. Under the principles which the earth man lives, the carnal law of survival of the fittest also gives the earth man a great sense of importance to his present physical life. This is most necessary for any individual to live from birth to death without becoming a victim of the innumerable forms of death which await him every moment of his life. So each person has thus, through this evolutionary process of life to life, become predominantly minded of the importance of his earth life, i.e., that it is all, etc. This is not so, however.

As of this time and day, no earth man properly understands that he is actually a spiritual creature and lives his earth life from the spiritual or fourth dimension. His body and the earth itself, with its many forms of consciousness, are only apparent and relative to him because he has developed an association with them through countless experiences in numerous lifetimes. He does not know that, should this earth life consciousness cease to be a reality in his physical body, that he will go right on living it in his mental body or psychic anatomy until some such moment comes when he can again in a sense, recreate his physical body by attaching himself to the germ cells of a newly conceived fetus. Thus, he will again come into the world and psychically relive all his former lifetimes. The baby with the leukemia no doubt died in infancy in a previous lifetime from some violent condition. He is now attempting to relive through that former moment of death which is so strongly impinged in his psychic consciousness. If he did not do so, this previous death could become a dominating malformation in his psychic anatomy and eventually destroy him.

To miraculously heal this child of his condition would be cheating him of the experience he will gain in this lifetime and under somewhat different conditions. Through succeeding lifetimes and similar experiences, he will gradually amass enough know how to enable him to live through the former psychic shock of abortive death and thus he will become that much wiser and stronger.

So you see dear friend, we are not primarily concerned with healing people, even though great miracles happen when people join Unarius. Our primary purpose is to teach people all the unknown factors of life which will tremendously aid them in overcoming their conditions, saving them many lifetimes and countless hours of torture and suffering which they would have to go through under ordinary conditions.

If the child in question was miraculously healed (of leukemia), he would not possess the knowledge which he would otherwise attain which would enable him to prevent such similar happenings in succeeding lifetimes or should they accidentally occur, he could quickly rectify the condition with the proper knowledge which he had so attained.

So far as we are concerned, the earth must largely remain what it is; people will live and die under an infinite number of conditions as a part of their educational curriculum and wisdom which they attain when they master these experiences. We would only be defeating the purpose and intent of the Infinite Creator if we miraculously healed anyone from any condition without imparting to him all the necessary knowledge which he must have to master succeeding experiences.

In reference to an example of healing mentioned in the lessons, it should be noted that even if a disease is correctly diagnosed according to “classified” symptoms, the condition under which the disease was incurred in some previous life is always different. Likewise, present conditions surrounding the ill person have a direct bearing on what would constitute a correct healing procedure; the case described in the lesson (#5), where the infant was healed of encephalitis, the mother and grandmother were evolved, and provided strong, active polarities for the projection of the power. Moreover, all conditions were previously set up in the Spiritual World; it remained only to start the force in motion at the proper time.

May I suggest to you a more thorough study of the lessons, especially the second, or advanced course, which will explain more extensively the scientific principles involved. There is as of today, a singular lack of knowledge on the subject of healing, whether it is a simple reaction produced by an aspirin tablet or a “miracle”. This is so despite some scientific knowledge of atoms, electronics, etc. The advanced lesson course will give you a preface of the active principles involved. In the near future, Unarius will if sufficient interest is shown, present to the world very accurate diagnostic techniques and procedures which will enable the new age doctor to start healing therapies in all the so called incurable diseases.

A spiritual healing or miracle is not a simple finger-pointing, “Be thou healed” situation like those described in the New Testament. The Bible was written by men ignorant of all the factors involved in each case. They were also mindful of creating a religious atmosphere which would attract and hold multitudes of people all bent on an easy escape from disease and death.

The Bible does not tell of the many who turned away and were not helped despite their strong pleas. The Bible does not describe the great amount of preparation and preconditioning that took place, sometimes hundreds of years in advance and in such times as the life in between earth lives, living repetitious earth life conditions until the person in question could attain a transformation in his psychic anatomy.

It is nice to think that there is some great Master ready to heal us of any and all disease and sin; religions of the world survive on this preface and have thus created an escape mechanism in all people who follow this false teaching.

No Master who is a real Master would heal a person of any condition until that person has attained the necessary knowledge and conviction that he can be healed; this does in a sense heal him in that timeless, spaceless fourth dimension called the Spirit World. It then only remains for this person to reenter the earth world and after his psychic anatomy has recreated his former condition, he will start to seek out some catalytic agent which will start that certain lightning, chain like reaction in his psychic anatomy which cancels out the condition. Yes, sometimes the action is so strong the catalyst (healer) can polarize enough additional energy to help change physical cell structures which makes this person “whole” again.

At present the world is inhabited by millions of sick people; their conditions are named and nameless, but as a whole most of these cannot be helped or cured because they have not yet attained sufficient preparation and conditioning to make their healing possible. And so doctors will go right on cutting out their cancers and diseased organs, and these poor souls will come right back again with the same thing, or worse. This will continue until they realize such crude and barbaric practices will not permanently heal, that they must find the answer and the cure from the “inside” and from the Creative Intelligence which can give them the necessary know how and power to get the job done.

This is all part of that finding the “Kingdom Within”, and becoming acquainted with the “Father” which dwelleth within, and which is that great Creative Intelligence which has created the Kingdom and all subsidiaries, atomical forms, the macrocosm and microcosm.

And when there is a sufficient knowledge obtained and put into use, then this person changes; his disease disappears; more than that, he begins his climb from out the pits of clay of his barbaric earth world and begins to live in a new Spiritual World. Yes, he has found his Kingdom and has an eternal lease on occupying it. As stated before, the Creative Intelligence is Infinite, the sum and total of all things. To be Infinite, this Creative Intelligence must recreate through all forms and in all dimensions; man is the one form in which this Creative Intelligence lives as a personal entity of consciousness.

The development of a man is predicated upon evolution or reincarnation through countless thousands of lives and innumerable experiences. Such a man can be presumed to be infinitely wise by having gone through his early experiences, including death, and mastering them; this brings him through his early stages of development which are his many earth lives.

Understanding this very important concept clearly indicates the value of experience and nothing can supplant the value of actual experience. No person can master a sinful life, or resist sin, until he has had the conscious knowledge of this sin and can not only recognize it when it appears, but has practical knowledge of how to conquer it.

Any person suffering from any disease or condition, mental or physical, is in the grip of sin, for in this broad frame of reference, such conditions are contrary to what might be assumed a healthy, happy life. Therefore, such an ill person is in the formative stage of learning; to take away his condition leaves him without cause or purpose; worse, he will in the future, depend upon similar healing to be done for him in the event he “comes a cropper” so to speak. Thus, he gradually becomes atrophied; he loses his desire to strive for a better life, and finally he will lose any and all semblance to what can be called a human being.

The astral underworlds are full of these forms. Dante tried to describe these poor souls living in their dissolute and atrophied conditions. So they will remain until the substance energy of these malformed psychic anatomies are reabsorbed back into some great dimension of universal supply.

Do not be too concerned about the physical life; what you are today, and the world about you is really only a mirage. It is all part of that consciousness you have developed in your evolution. When you develop a higher form of consciousness, this world and what you now are physically, will pass from you and you will live in a new world in your higher consciousness in a more spiritually developed body, so with the child. To teach every human who is, or who has lived on this planet earth should be the proper course of evolution followed and the subsequent mastery of the earth world.

E. L. Norman, Unarius Moderator.


The foregoing letter was composed in an attempt to explain to all and sundry individuals concerned, what might be called an extremely broad and abstract scientific understanding of life, realizing however, the foibles of human understanding of human frailties and the predisposition of everyone to subconsciously select or reconform such known or unknown factors so postulated according to the dictum of his own understanding.

It is therefore conceivable that the author of this letter could be seriously maligned in thought, at least by any person so reading it; defense for the author is however, not needed. Present and future science does and will corroborate these presentations. It remains therefore, for the reader to rationally integrate these concepts into a formative approach to an infinite understanding of life—a case in a sense, where “Mohammed goes to the mountain”

Truth is infinite and remains absolute to all people, yet is understood in the progressive evolution in an infinite number of ways by each person—a formative process which builds and rebuilds the psychic anatomy thus enabling a person to progressively evolve. In understanding the broadest and most abstract tenets of life, the author therefore does not view the physical life as does mankind in general. Neither does he stress its importance in the physical sense that is held by the average individual.

Also, in a scientific understanding, a personal ego is not held or evaluated in the manner of most humans. A person in pure science can be seen to be not a strong personality or ego, but as a conglomerate collection of energy wave forms, derived from past experiences, oscillating endlessly in a timeless dimension and remanifesting themselves in a third dimension as physical remanifestations and counterparts of these past experiences, and under the law of frequency relationship, oscillate or become active with subsequent contacts with various earth life dispensations with which they come in contact.

Understanding this concept will do much to correct any imbalances which may occur to an individual who becomes emotionally involved in various earth life happenings. The importance of the physical life recedes from the emotional plane to a more proper position, wherein an individual can rationalize and find suitable and true answers to what would otherwise remain an emotional enigma.

The position of the author can be somewhat allegorically summarized in viewing a motion picture or television screen depicting some story or happening. The person so viewing attains a psychic rapport with what is being pictured and is transcended into the actual happenings. This is done on the net reactive content of the subconscious as it presents similar basic happenings to the present depiction, and through frequency relationship, transcendency and emotional participation occurs.

The person so involved is not analytically summarizing this depiction as a series of light and dark patches traced across a fluorescent screen by an electronic gun or some similar apparatus. The whole process is purely autosuggestive and relives in the viewer by that attunement process with past experience facsimiles. This is the way in which the author views the earth life of mankind. He sees people not as physical flesh and bone creatures, but as amalgamated formations known as atoms harmonically attracted together under the scientific laws of frequency attunement. The expression of consciousness between polarities, either as it is contained in the singular atom or the complex structure of the human anatomy controlling the formation, the constant rebuilding and regenerating this physical anatomy is the true human—the psychic anatomy is, as has been previously stated, the amassed conglomeration of an infinite number of wave forms, oscillating vortexically, each expressing its own consciousness with innumerable positive and negative polarities sustained throughout the entire structure.

Disease can therefore, be seen not as an important life destroying occurrence, but rather a remanifestation of one or a number of previous lifetime indispositions, or psychic shocks, which must be corrected before evolution can be progressively sustained. Mankind however, as he lives on such a planet as earth, is not conscious in his physical life of all the factors which have been discussed. Therefore, he must eradicate such malformations, more or less, by the hit and miss, trial and error method, until he succeeds, and will in his long drawn out conquest, gradually begin to learn about the Spiritual Worlds. And a man's more ultimate destiny is not the development of a strong personal ego, which lives by the carnal laws of the jungle, but rather the development of a human being who is both intellect and function. A first stage cell development of a mind or entity of consciousness functions infinitely in all directions simultaneously, an entity which is capable of not only receiving in a cohesive intelligent relationship all the known and unknown factors and concepts of Infinity, but which is also capable of recreating them infinitely and which is done by regenerating them in various dimensions and through different dimensions of consciousness.

However, it is realized by the author that such abstractions are beyond the comprehension of the third dimensional mind which can only function in a singular fashion with one objectivism at a time and which is harmonically attuned to his past. This third dimensional mind can therefore create only from these past formations or institute new conformatives for them. It is also realized by the author the importance which the third dimensional earth life holds forth for the earth man—a consciousness mandated by necessity if he is to survive through the progressive cycle of earth lives.

This then, is another way to present to any and all so concerned, a more infinite understanding of life. Assimilation and understanding must also be progressively inclinated, and any person who reaches a certain threshold becomes more conscious of the great Infinite, and with this consciousness, there is born an ever increasing desire for that person to live consciousness where it actually begins, in the spiritual worlds, or higher dimensions, for such is the nature of consciousness.

Consciousness can always be resolved into energy formations oscillating between various polarities, each a functioning concept of the great Infinite. This is true whether we view mass as energy atoms or in the transmission of any other factor of consciousness. Being so minded, the author does not believe in death, but rather in the cyclic change of consciousness from one dimension into another. Nor does he believe in disease, for in pure altruism and altruistic ideals, we again find the concept of Infinity living as a Creative Principle, even in death and disease as it is conceived by the earth man.

The author also holds no belief in the various emotional gods or fates which are supposedly controlling the destinies of men. Like all concept, belief becomes the creator and he who has so created often becomes the victim of his creation. If any person can conceive and hold in his mind that the Infinite Intelligence is a creative function sustained infinitely, he can, by this understanding place himself in a correct receptive position to this Creative Intelligence and induct into his own life and consciousness the constant never ending regenerative and reconstructive Infinite which will, in his future evolution, constantly rebuild him in a progressive manner into his more ultimate destiny, an entity which is far more godlike than any god entity heretofore conceived in the mind of man.