The following is a letter written by the Moderator to a student in reply to a question regarding a book pertaining to old religions—(old and present)—and which could serve many others with similar questions.

Dear Student: Regarding your letter, it always makes us very happy to receive testimonials—“The Joining” tape in particular is something new and evidently quite ‘special’ and we are especially joyous of the manifestation as Power which it carries which you and many other students have so strongly felt.

So far as the book is concerned, may I quote an old cliché, “like carrying coal to Newcastle”. Yes, Ruth and I are quite familiar with most of the books of this sort and in toto, they are the representative form of what Unarius is attempting to destroy.

Two thousand years ago Jesus tried to tear ‘Jehovah’ from the minds and hearts of his people and suffered death for his pains. Since then, history has repeated itself many times to those who have in some small way attempted to prove the heresy of the Jehovah concept. There are many books of this sort—the Oahspe, The Book of Mormon, Revelations in the Bible, as well as much of the entire contents of the Bible are of the same nature. Psychologically speaking, they have been produced by people undergoing a strong traumatic psychism; when in this trance-like state, they somehow saw into the fourth dimensions or the Inner Kingdom and attempted in writing to justify these visions in some symbolic form. The Unariun books, “Pulse of Creation Series”, more factually describes some of these places, the psychological reasons for their existence, and the science in their creation. Actually, they are bridging the gap in evolution between the material world and the higher worlds, and as dwelling places and teaching Centers, they are the gateway and way stations for countless billions of souls who are traveling back and forth in their incarnations.

Jehovah is an age old deistic configuration which has existed in many forms and under many names and over the entire face of the globe. Jehovah represents some sort of a central configuration of creation which primitive and elemental minds have personalized, given it not only great magical powers but also all the emotional vicissitudes of human nature. The earth man's primitive elemental mind has no reason or logic, no science or other information which would give him a tangible explanation for Infinite Intelligence and Creation. Even our modern twentieth century science only very partially explains an elemental form of creation.

In viewing all this, you should therefore doubly appreciate Unarius which gives you all the missing information scientifically proven and further substantiated by the many thousands of miracles happening to those who are beginning to understand life through Unarius.

May I add a word of caution; unless you can read books such as you have sent us very objectively and for their historical interest only, it would be wise to abstain from such reading. Unarius is complete in every respect and if you will pursue this study to the exclusion of all else, you will find that it not only will supply all the philosophy and science, all the answers in your present life, but it will open up the Inner Kingdom to you in the future. For the Inner Kingdom is the logical, philosophical, and scientific explanation and reason for Infinite Creation, and any person who aspires and evolves into the Inner Kingdom must do so by virtue of all knowledge pertaining to it and the correct usage of this knowledge as his own life.

All religions and their deifications are only symbologies; they only represent the emotional physical form of this very evident creation and as long as this creation is represented by such deistic beliefs, it will never be understood, for any deity always usurps logic, reason, and moral responsibility, etc., from the individual. Religion therefore, is immoral, and any religious person has in his religion, relegated the transmissions of the highest virtues of his life to a fancied deity; he has abandoned logic and reason by placing all unexplained, all so called mysterious happenings to emotionalism, to these false gods. But I believe I have stated these things many times before (in the teachings) and I would suggest, for your own sake and your own safety that such reading material as you have sent us be left alone. There is greater danger that you may inadvertently and unconsciously tune yourself into the same obsessive forces which ruled the minds of the authors of these books, and they are dear student, part of the populace of the ‘pits of hell’.

We are very appreciative of your avid interest in what is obviously an attempt to verify or vindicate the Unariun Concepts from this book; however, you will find—if you so try—ample evidence in the world and in your daily life. In fact it would be much better to more thoroughly introspect your daily life and this world with the Unariun Concept rather than to seek out verification in some musty tome, composed by a highly neurotic mind under intense psychic pressures.

As a matter of fact, being a good Unariun student means not only studying the written Works, but using them in your daily life as a basic platform of reference wherefrom you can correctly analyze and interpret your own life and the world of form and motion about you. And may I add, if you do this honestly and sincerely in selflessness and solely in virtue as the creative Principle of life, you will always find the great Unariun Brotherhood at your side, ready and willing to help and aid, yet with jurisprudence, so that you will never be robbed of your inalienable right of self determination—a right which is given by any person who relegates his future, his moral and spiritual values into the hands of some priesthood or in symbolic form of its false deities. Unarius is the first honest teaching since the time of Jesus and in the idiom of our twentieth century science, much more valuable, more extensive and comprehensive. Yet this honesty is seldom fully appreciated for millions of people would shun it because it presents the very obvious—personal moral responsibility—a responsibility which constantly perpetuates itself through endless incarnations until progressive evolution is substantiated in this personal moral responsibility.

It is much more convenient to these millions of people to shrug off so they think, their sins and iniquities in the false concept of intercession or that ‘His blood washed away my sins’, etc. It is much more convenient for these millions of people that they personally, through their religion, will be ‘saved’ for future immortal life, and simply because they ‘believe’. It is far more difficult, more demanding and self-sacrificing to assume personal moral responsibility, to realize individually, the proposition of progressive or retrogressive evolution, according to how we think and live. Thus the world has in effect, become one of the ‘pits of hell’ for these countless millions who revolve in their daily lives, trying to live parasitically, one upon the other in the falsely constructed mirage of their personal material life.

Let us hope the future will show you are not one of these, and like the parable of the one lost lamb, you will eventually be gathered into the arms and onto the bosom of Infinite Wisdom—there to be carried into the endless Immortality of an ever progressive higher evolution.








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