A Letter to an Ill Student on Healing

Dear Student: We have just received your letter giving us up-to-date information on your mother's condition. Inasmuch as this letter is in essence, typical of some which we have received here at the Center, may I objectively pass upon some concepts and principles involved in corrective therapies or healing which are universal and applicable to any and all humans. They are highly scientific in nature; in fact, the actual science and its works are generally called Infinite Intelligence.

As students of Unarius, you have some prefaces of these concepts and principles; however, your letter clearly indicates that they are not properly or thoroughly understood by yourself and your mother. With this and associated factors involved, healing cannot take place until such time when they are more properly understood and usage begins to occur.

There is strong indication in your letter that you and mother are still clinging to old Babylonian and pagan religions of which you believed in the past. All religions, including Christianity and their associated forms of expression such as prayer, are pagan. There is a much better way to contact Infinite Intelligence than through prayer. This is through constant conscious attunement, which is automatically brought about when the Infinite Intelligence has begun to be understood. Through this conscious attunement, the Creative Intelligence can and does institute a much greater degree of corrective therapy and in proportion to the strength of your attunement and understanding.

Contrary to what you may believe or may have read, there are no miracles, nor have any ever been performed. This may sound extremely radical to you, but it is entirely provable, and it is hoped that you too will understand in the future, just as we do. Miracles in the physical world and the physical body are brought about only after certain spiritual preconditioning takes place and which has in effect, already healed the person psychically before the person was healed in the physical body. This is most necessary to give the person involved the correct balances in retrospection between physical and spiritual worlds, thus aiding his evolution.

Men like Jesus were only instrumental in bringing about what was seemingly a miracle because they could objectify to the person being healed in the physical plane, what had already occurred in the spiritual. This objectification took place in the form of a certain catalytic power or energy which was projected psychokinetically and which momentarily transcended the sick person, breaking the chain like oscillating reaction between the diseased body and the existing, remaining energy malformation in the psychic anatomy.

When this reaction was broken, the psychic malformation was rectified or changed. The diseased condition in the physical body, not having its parent oscillating point, disappeared. Putting it another way, look upon every human being, not as a physical body, but as a beautiful rainbow-hued creation—which is the psychic anatomy. It is pure energy made up of billions of little waves of energy, all going around in their respective vortexes and repeating endlessly the same experience which originally caused their form and shape. Conversely, they are affecting the outer shell, which is the physical and which is actually only more energy in the form of tiny atoms.

To affect the physical, we must first produce the effect in the psychic anatomy. That can only be done when the psychic anatomy is in complete accord with the objective to be attained. That is done through various wave forms of energy which come to it from numerous sources. Some of these come from the physical body and which are always connected in an autosuggestive fashion to all of the past experiences. They will consequently obtain rapport with that part of the psychic anatomy which was fashioned so to speak, from the past and produced a reaction known to most people as thinking. However, the psychic anatomy receives energy waves from many spiritual or astral worlds in just the same manner as a television set receives pictures from the transmitter. Some of these Spiritual Worlds are very beautiful and create a strong desire for this psychic anatomy person to ascend unto them—which it cannot do because it cannot oscillate or participate in them by reason of the difference in frequency rate.

These Higher Worlds must therefore remain in the inner consciousness or psychic anatomy of this person as a vision which gives the person a sort of libido or drive, or attainment. When this condition comes about, the old past becomes odious in comparison, just as one might look at a beautiful new hilltop home in comparison to a dirty hovel which he now occupies—even though in his childhood that same dirty hovel was his whole world. It is, in such a comparative position, that the past and its many negative shocks and indispositions are in effect, intensified and oscillate or are reflected into the physical body as different kinds of disease.

By now you should begin to see that miracles have in their physical sense, never actually happened; neither can all the praying which you or anyone could do could change them—no more than the doctors can. Only in a transcended moment can such a happening as a so called miracle take place. The visions of higher worlds, the various associated preconditioning and cancelling actions which have taken place in the psychic anatomy will in this transcended moment, enable the complete cycle of healing to take place through the physical anatomy.

The principle and processes I have described to you are inviolate. There are no exceptions. All past stories of sorcery, witchcraft, divine healing, such as was depicted in the New Testament, are only stories out of the past which have been derived from thoroughly misunderstood, misconstrued and distorted fabrications which may have happened historically or otherwise.

The Infinite Creator functions in principle—immutably and inviolately. No person can aid in the so called miraculous healings until he understands and becomes part of this Infinite Intelligence. As part of this Infinite Intelligence, he functions just as inviolately as the great Creative Intelligence, a function which is predicated upon a progressive evolution and which, in the individual human, can conceivably make this human into a master or godlike person if the evolution is carried forward long enough and far enough.

And so dear student, do not look for someone or some god to perform a miracle for you or your mother; instead, look forward to the day and the hour when, in understanding the great Creative Intelligence, the miracle will have already happened. You—and you alone—in the knowledge which you have obtained, will have worked that miracle for yourself, and by that time, you will be far beyond the vale of earthly tears, never to return.

For the immediate future, you may be assured that you and your mother are under the protectorate of the great Universal Unarius where millions of dedicated souls will be constantly radiating the power of their Intelligence to you both. How well you will receive and be benefited depends entirely upon you individually, and how well you can attune yourself unto the Higher Worlds in which they live.

Try to detach yourself from that overpowering sense of physical importance. Look upon the body the way you would look upon a boil or a festering sore, because that's all it really is in comparison to the higher way—a festering sore which is the sum and total of your past. You will live in a Higher World only when you have learned about them and have the knowledge to live in them. By contrast, this now very important physical life will have become a dirty, filthy, pain racked pigsty remembrance. As a person who knows about these Higher Worlds and can describe them, scientifically prove their existence and prove in many other ways that I have come from one of these Higher Worlds for the express purpose of dispensing this knowledge to those who carry the inner vision and so make the vision a reality, I can truthfully say that all I have told you is true and there is much more which I cannot tell until you have the ability to comprehend. Yet it must remain with you to prove the truth and the efficacy of this truth in changing your life.

I am looking forward in strong faith and anticipation that you and yours will be among those happy pilgrims making a progressive evolution into eternity.