All of these quotes are from the books by Ernest L. Norman

ICCC Page #2 in INTRO

The Unariun mission had a very humble beginning, and well that it should. In its totality, and could all the peoples of the world have accepted it, it would have totally upset and destroyed all the time-honored and sacred rhetoric's of mankind's life on the planet Earth and would have necessitated a complete and total change in all venues, methods of expression, sciences, medicine, etc. Such drastic and revolutionary changes, however, were not desired and, in Their Infinite Wisdom, the Unariun Brotherhood knew the value of evolutionary life as it concerned every earthman in an environment compatible with his evolution.

Furthermore, in its totality, the Unariun Interdimensional Concept would have been totally incomprehensible, much less acceptable, only to those who had, in their mystical experiences, approached the threshold of the Interdimensional Cosmos and were ready for the next step. The vast majority of earthmen born in this time would be served only with (unknown to them) projected energies and invisible help; their evolution continuing according to basic principles.

ICCC Page #9

So it can be assumed that any new philosophy or international brotherhood will have to be gradually developed; it will not come about in one generation or even for hundreds of years. It will come through the hearts and minds of those future races of man which will inhabit the Earth. Some of these people in the future will be in our presence; through incarnation, they will have to come back from some higher dimension with the answers to man's problems and the necessary love to motivate and activate this wisdom. No one can be taught love; this comes only through the psychic realization of self and God, and of the universal unity of all men, a psychic experience which transcends man into spiritual concepts which know of no material barriers of selfhood.

ICCC Page #215

Q - Isn't it true that sometimes the children are more sensitive to the finer or higher vibrations and influences than adults?
A - Actually, children as they are born into this world are much more precocious; they are much more closely connected with these astral worlds than are the oldsters; they have a much more definite continuity and not only that, but they have not built up these walls of subscribing to certain intellects around them. They are steps along into the ultimate Aquarian Age. A thousand years from now which will be the top of the cycle or the Millennium, as it is called in Revelations, is where we will have the fullest measure of all of these contacts—the same cycle as we had way back there. It is the expression of one of these divisions. That is the wheel of life.

ICCC Pages #247-8

A - Yes, that is very true. Actually, all of these sightings of saucers is to build the consciousness of Eartheans up to a point where these visitors can actually come into this world and set up a continuity or relationship which is healthy. But that will have to come through an evolution of time. It is not for this day and age. It will have to be in the future when people are more suitably quickened to this New Age, this New Aquarian Cycle.

ICCC Page #323

Every individual has that same amount of these particular concepts within his own life cycle so it becomes the prerogative or the will to exercise this will of brotherly love and to know that we are all the same as far as the Infinite is concerned. This becomes the principle of psychokinesis, of using mind force in a positive way to become a radiating center of light and love. All these things are with us. Yes, this principle which you mentioned has good food for thought; there is much more to it than meets the eye. This state is the future evolution of the world, incidentally, the Golden Age, the millennium, or whatever you choose to call it, into which the world will come in perhaps a thousand years from now, generally speaking. The whole world, the citizenry of the United States—John Q. Public—will understand to a large degree what is being taught here in these classes. This knowledge will be taught to youngsters, rather than the stress and emphasis now put on the three R’s or other reactionary principles of life.

ICCC Page #570

Yet man, in his primitive consciousness, as he now lives upon the planet Earth, has yet to evolve in the scale of his evolution to the point where his mental capacity is sufficiently expanded to go beyond the periphery of his past life experiences.

Curious as he may be and probe though he might, he will never go beyond the boundaries of this third dimensional world until he has conditioned himself from the inner worlds and from those great universities and teaching centers which exist in these inner worlds; the rigorous rhetoric of his third dimensional science limits the boundaries of his mental consciousness. And so it will be, the Earth will, to more or less and in a certain degree, always be a nominal plane of reference—a nominal plane of evolution—the formative phase or period of any earthman's life in his climb toward the infinite vistas of the inner kingdoms. And well that it should be this way. Were man, in this present time and in this generation, to possess knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge beyond the periphery of his intellect, he would destroy himself much more surely than he could by destroying the ecology of his planet.

The ego must constantly be supported by the past. And at any given point, should anything materialize in consciousness which is beyond the immediate dimension of scanning, as it were, through the subconscious (the past), to make the necessary correlationship between this past, then this immediate presentation must be destroyed or it must be shunned for man is a computer and is completely analogous to those machines which he has created and is now using in the industrial complexes of his world. So it will be in the future, until that time when he gains the mental ability within the consciousness of his own mind to tune in infinitely to one or any number of given points in this infinity, to manifest the cyclic motion of wave forms into his consciousness as the sum and substance of his life—not that it shall be the reactive reorientation of past life experience, reactivation of these past life experiences into the present form and into such relevant dimensional factors which he has lived with and experienced in these past lifetimes in his evolutionary climb into the present.

Then let the world remain as it was first conceived, this world and countless millions of others in this universe, in the infinite number of galaxies which comprise this universe—the material universe spread across the vastness of space into an incomprehensible dimension, yet filled with pulsating life forms, countless millions of planets where countless millions of life forms exist; some which would be incomprehensible to the earth-man in his earth-world, yet all taking their place in this vastness of infinity.


Moreover, these Heavenly Hosts would establish and maintain such communication and direction only with those who had been preconditioned through many lifetimes and Spiritual lives for this personal advent which would, in all effect and purpose, be the 'Second Coming' to that particular person.

These Heavenly Beings, however, are not interested in this most directive effort with the unconditioned average earth man. They know how useless their appeal would be to any man who is still thoroughly steeped and saturated in the earth life. Therefore, to make their plan feasible, communication possible—along with all their accrued benefits—one of these Intelligent Higher Beings must become the Messenger.

He will come to the earth, don the mantle of flesh and, appearing as an ordinary earth-man, He will, in various subtle ways, reach out and contact these numbered earth people who have been preconditioned. After contact is made, he presents to them the entire procedium of creation. Unknown mysteries and principles of life are lucidly explained; and while these fortunate, (comparatively) few persons are studying and learning, their efforts are further aided by expurgencies of creative energy, psychokinetically projected by these Higher Beings. Also, they are given sleep teachings in the classrooms of Celestial Mansions.


And so it is, as of today, and at this hour, a great Spiritual Being speaks into the world, through the vocal cords of a humble earth man, giving to those who are prepared, the Message of Immortal Creativity—a realization of Immortality. And while it is this earth man calls this Message 'Unarius', it is scarcely known to the multitudes of the world, for their awakening is in another time.

* * * * *

Soon however, the great Mission will be accomplished. The great 'Advent' and the 'Second Coming' will have transpired and become a reality to those who had ordained themselves for it. They too, will pass on to higher worlds, leaving the earth men to their wars and strife.


In this scale of evolution, the material worlds such as the earth, are to many souls, the starting place. They are to many others, the pits of hell. There are countless millions of planets like the earth—some dead and desolate, others teeming with hordes of humanity much like your own world. They too, have reached and passed the apex of their cycle and their civilizations are now on the decadency, just as it is with this world. The future history of this world has been written many times in the skies above you. You cannot depend on these things or the world for your future; nor can you depend upon the promises of the hypocrites who have set themselves up in high places: Again and again you will have to make your choice; you will either have to pursue the pathway into the Inner Kingdom or you will have to follow the multitudes into oblivion.

TEMPUS PROCEDIUM Pages # 39 & 40

The intellectual level of any race of humans who so inhabit this earth remains comparatively stationary; the plus or minus of this level of intelligence amounts to only a few thousand years in his evolution, and only many countless thousands of readapted forms of consciousness which he began learning in the early stages of his earth world evolution. Do not look for any great changes in the future; the intellectual capacity of any human always relegates him into the environment which is best understood by his particular intelligence. When that time comes, when he is more or less intelligent, he passes from that particular environment into that which is again the most suitable. This is a built-in and inviolate law of evolution and as the earth man is still ignorant of the greater capacities of this law, he is still ignorant of Infinite Intelligence, so does he so contain the perspectus of his knowledge as the incumbency of his earth world life, and from this limited horizon he attempts to span the limitless reaches of Infinity with an intellect capable of living only in an earth world.


Even as he probes the Heavens, as he is doing today, he still relegates his judgment of life on other planets from the basic plane reference of his own earth world and condemns life to nonexistence, save by what he is himself. This he does in great opposition, of his knowledge of the atom and of the convertible factor of mass versus energy, as is posed in Einstein's proven theory. He is constantly defeating any promise of logic or reason by proving himself always wrong and that he does not know the answers to his science.

Yet we must give him some credit; we must reserve judgment and resolve our answers into a philosophical consensus based upon, and predicated by our knowledge of the interdimensional cosmos. As to the future, prophecies and prognostications are for fools who are insecure and lack knowledge, for the future is always immediately apparent to any person who can see beyond the reactive veil of materialisms expressed by the earth world. And in viewing the future, this earth world and millions of others like it, will remain basically much the same.

Like all other things in the cosmic scale of evolution, the earth world occupies its position which is necessary in the first environmental stages of man's development; the reactive stage of his existence where he takes his first step from out the animal kingdom.


Let us assume for a moment, if you will, that any race of people who had so advanced in these scientific fields of development to the point where space travel was possible that it also is right to assume that they would also be sufficiently intelligent to know that our earth planet is one in which a certain circumscribed level of intelligence exists. They would also know that this is in the dominion and reign of Infinite creation, that this earth plane was to remain such as it is as remote from outside influences as possible.

The sudden influx of any quantity of outside interstellar travel into this earth plane would seriously disrupt the natural sequence of man's life upon this planet. We can also logically assume that had such peoples on other planets evolved into this highly technical and spiritual state of consciousness, that they would not be likely to, in their more advanced state of awareness, want to get into as it were, conflicts of emotion or the way of life of a less highly evolved spiritual stature. It is right to believe that every man existing on this plane or earth, as it is with every other being which exists on every other planetary realm, does so with the precept of consciousness that such is his rightful place in his own personal soul evolution.


According to the corridor of time of the big pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, it ended all time as far as the six days or cycles were concerned, on August 20,1953. We are therefore said to be something like almost two years into the Aquarian Age. We will understand also that this cycle is in itself of little more than 2000 years' duration according to our Gregorian calendar. Its peak or apex of the cycle will be about 1000 years from now.


Religions too, are falling apart as witnessed by the present Catholic revolution. Indeed, all facets of life are seriously affected by overwhelming materialism: riots, drug addictions and sexual malpractice. The solution to you individually as a Unariun student to all this lies within the covers of your books and lessons. If you are to survive and gain immortality in a higher world, then preparation is a "must". This world like many others must be left to its own evolution; a beginning and an end to those who do not pursue the evolutionary pathway.

INTERLUDIUM I, Page #137-38

Perhaps the science brought to Lemuria and Atlantis by the Lemurians will, in the near future, be duplicated on this earth. Already different countries throughout the world are building great power plants, deriving great power from the atom. Yet, this is very crude when compared to the science of the Atlantean pyramid which converted from the electromagnetic fields of the solar system and the interdimensional cosmos, a vast source of power which could be projected by ray-beams and reflected from tower to tower (like our present-day microwave system), tremendous energy which powered and lighted cities all over the world.

The future holds the promise that all of this and much more will return to the earth. The people of tomorrow will have undreamed of luxuries and conveniences, a way of life which will exceed even the most fantastic science fiction stories; yet will our present-day mankind be able to survive? Indeed not! The homogenous mixture of races presents a far too low state of mentality, a heterogeneous society torn and twisted with strictures and rent by irreparable schisms. And it is quite safe to predict in that future, should it ever arrive, the breed of man who will occupy it will be vastly different than those presently now living—a comparison to the golden-skinned Atlanteans in their beautiful highly-scientific society which, through its egregious philosophy, permitted the dark-skinned ones to overpower and destroy the world. And is it not apparent that in this time history is beginning to repeat itself?


So it remains as one of the facts or expressions of the future, a question in my own mind, if it could be called such—a question; yet, it is always completely resolved even before it is asked. What is the future and the destiny of the earthman from his present position of almost total chaos on the planet as it is today, to the imbalance of the population explosions, to the breeding of literally hundreds of millions of people who are incapable of sustaining themselves upon a planet whose sustaining life forces have already been depleted, exploited, plundered, raped and vilified? What is the meaning and answer to this? Yet, there is an answer; it has already been written upon the great wall with the moving finger of time. And it is predictable upon the common consensus of what has happened to previous civilizations, not only on this planet but on other planets throughout our galaxy.

INTERLUDIUM I, Pages #248-249

Beyond as it is so called, is the spirit world where such atom forms do not exist and the total proposition of the earthman to evolve into such a state of personal consciousness that such surface planes will again be relevant to the concourse of his life, would be even more mind-boggling if he does not have some conditioning and training—a preparatory course of evolution which will enable him to function in some sort of a systematic fashion when he begins to arrive at that point. Actually, such an evolutionary course which would indoctrinate the necessary elements of understanding into this earthman’s evolution and which would make such life possible in a higher dimension would most necessarily be the propelling force—if it could be called that—which would project him into that higher elevation of consciousness.

On the same basis then here on Earth and as we understand atomic forms and their molecular combinations, so again we must find in such electronic constituents, electromagnetic fields, et cetera, that all the varied and very much segmented fractions of life on planet Earth could be reducible to one common synthesis—the proposition of understanding such life forms and the components of our society as electronic motions and compositions of electronic forms. If ever such a synthesis did arrive upon the planet Earth, and man became totally involved in such a synthesis, it would be quite safe to predict that these most favored and sacred segments of our present civilization would have disappeared. I can mention many of these in particular, such as medicine, psychology, chemistry, in fact, the entire and total proposition of these familiar environmental forms and reactionary components would have largely or totally disappeared and we would have as a consequence, totally evolved this earth world into that higher state of evolution.

Again, to speculate upon or to more properly analyze, such a situation as this would never occur on the planet Earth or in any other such similar earth worlds throughout the galaxy or other galaxies. In their sequential levels, it has been so conceived and ordained in Infinite Intelligence that as life must be a progressive evolution, so must all of these planes be sustained, each plane relevant to that particular phase of evolution in which any particular person or society or the populations of such a planet en masse are involved, cycles of progression or regression, as they are concerned and manifest by the appearance and disappearance of civilizations, each one manifesting itself and progressing to a certain level of expression. These are all cyclic forms, all of which are minor in nature and do not foretell the total circumference of any evolutionary consensus as it involves the predictable future of the earth. Or that is to say, we would progress through certain recurrent civilizations, each one becoming somewhat more advanced than the former civilization, with the ultimate end that we might arrive at some Utopian condition in our society. Such is not the case.


These and many more important destructive factors have given power to the finger which has already written the prophecy of doom upon the wall. No, it shall not be a nuclear weapon or another war which will destroy man and his civilization; he will destroy himself when he has passed the point of equilibrium wherein the dynamic progressive powers which motivate his progressive evolution no longer function as factors of integration in advancing his position in infinite prospectus.

In passing this point, he outlives the necessity of his being. He is no longer useful either to himself or to the Infinite, for in this pathway of all men, there must always be a constructive balance which outweighs the seemingly destructive or reactionary.

To you who are Truth seekers, be not afraid of the appearances or disappearances of civilizations, or that your world of today is faced with destruction. This has always been so and as it should be, for it is the way of the Infinite Mind to right certain imbalances which have occurred in the selective processes of life as they concern mankind in general.

This is the way the Infinite purges itself, so to speak, of the great negations; to discharge negative static energies which have accumulated through wrong usage and wrong living. And as the Infinite cleanses itself in this cyclic manner and form, so may you too learn to discharge negative static forces which have accumulated in your dimension of life; static forces which have been called karma and which tie the individual to a wheel-like cyclic repetition of various configurations of experiences which are revolving in the vortexes of these negative static forces.


This is all part of the psychology of the future, the Aquarian Age, of which man will become conscious. I doubt very much whether it will ever be in this world. I think, as far as the future of the Aquarian age is concerned, that in itself, will relate any individual who becomes conscious of spiritual progression and passes that point of which we have just spoken—inward consciousness—which is the dynamic, participating element of polarity into Infinite Consciousness—then he has reached that point where he actually enters into the Golden Age or the Spiritual Age. When he does that, he will automatically, without fuss and without fanfare or drum rolls, pass from these earthly planes of consciousness. He will pass from the material into the spiritual and return no more.

The Voice of Venus, Page #36

I might add one more thing before I leave as I have heard you question the validity of flying saucer contacts or of other such similar appearances of space craft to seemingly obscure people. These are primarily somewhat in the nature of testing's or psychological experiments and have been meant in a mild way to shock the earth people from their ruts of materialistic complacency. You are right about one thing however. We or any other advanced race do not and would not seriously affect your chosen way of life. It is the Infinite Wisdom of the God who created you in your finite way, that you must find your way back to the Fountainhead by developing your own spiritual evolution. And so until such future time I will await your convenience.

The Voice of Venus Page 150-151 (new version)

Yet none of the spiritual concepts which exist on your earth planet today are sufficient unto themselves to serve in a direct capacity as a spiritual government of the people. Thus it is that you have come to great strife among your nations, for you do not properly understand your relationship with your brothers and sisters about your world.

Such a peaceful Utopia as you have pictured for yourselves cannot and will not be resolved from such widespread differences of concept. In a future millennium, as it is called in your Bible, man will eventually unite himself into a Spiritual Brotherhood. He will find that all peoples and nations will function quite properly under a spiritual leadership which is motivated by the infinite principles of Brotherly Love.

Such a government will be directed and expressed to the people from a Temple in which certain individuals will appear on your earth plane and these individuals shall be, as you call them Avatars or Masters. Today each man and woman in your great nation and so likewise many other nations, are all sending forth a united and concerted prayer, or plea to the inner consciousness for a solution. And so God will thus send you one. It shall not come suddenly or with fanfare and trumpets but only gradually, as it can be assimilated and woven into the structures of everyday life.

The Voice of Elysium, Pages #1158-1160

They, just as the earth, have very large scientific evolutions such as the world is now going through, and much more so indeed, because these people are so far advanced to the earth that the people of the earth might be millions of years catching up with them. They may be in possession of certain great cosmic secrets of the transference of energy into different forms where they make various spacecraft and become little busybodies in space, snooping around in the various planetary systems and sometimes creating a large amount of havoc in the normal living habits of these terrestrial inhabitants. The normal function of people in these planets is always to assume, as you have explained, a direct evolutionary process through reincarnation to work out their problems. Any interference from outside, or interstellar, or cosmic forces, or astral relationships would be quite foreign to the nature of the terrestrial dweller, and should be completely and thoroughly ignored or even if they are investigated they should be accepted on the basis of the merits which they possess which means absolutely nothing at all in the final analysis. As you can see, no one can be taken out of the thought patterns, as you have termed it ‘his little pit of clay’ which he has dug for himself. Only by his own will and own volition can he evolve or reincarnate into higher structures, which he will eventually do if he is left alone long enough. If you were to go into the hen house and disturb the chicken who was laying the egg, it would be quite likely to delay the process somewhat, as well as give the poor fowl a serious complex for her future efforts. So it is if I can interject this very homely comparison into our philosophies, very similar to those inhabitants of the earth, that these ‘meddlers’ as I call them, from these astral and cosmic worlds, are continually more or less influenced by the sense of power they have taken on from being able to go from one planet to another uninhibited and they very often adopt very strong ego structures which makes them to a degree, tyrannical in nature.

Now I must not be misunderstood on this point and I shall make myself very clear, because there are very worthwhile forces who are working for the benefits of the terrestrial planets. Unarius is the group of the Seven Centers which are working with mankind for his own salvation, and there are others not so highly developed or shall I say, astral world forces who are also working along these same channels; and these channels of endeavor are strictly through the intuitive, or in the language of the earth psychiatrist, through the subconscious inflection. In other words, through the hypcognic or in the sleep state, a person is given intuitively or within his psychic self, the necessary inspiration, the knowledge and wisdom to carry him through some particular crisis. This is especially true with the world leaders, and you have seen this work out several times in political circles in the last year. These great changes or ‘about faces’ in the political relationships of some of the nations of the world have been inspired directly through these channels. This has a much greater effect and has a greater value in service to the terrestrial man than landing any number of spacecraft could possibly effect. In fact, one spacecraft landing visibly within sight of some metropolis would immediately panic every inhabitant of that city, and this panic would be very disastrous. Even though there have been pages and pages of saucer or spacecraft sightings, yet the average individual could not endure the sight because it is rather an awesome spectacle when once it is viewed from the physical eye. The fact of the matter is, these things should be ignored to the point where you might look at them the same way you look at the animals when you go to the zoo; but you would not like to go in and play with them.

Tempus Invictus Pages# 107-8

You are exactly like that television set. You are reflecting consciously in every way, in every movement, in every walk of your life, in a direct counterpart of an energy wave form which you have implanted in your psychic body in some way, in some manner, in some form, and your very body is a direct evolution and a development, a form and substance, in an intelligent way, from the comparative values of experience as they were resolved from one dimension to the next, from one lifetime to the next.

That my friends, will be the future religion. As to whether that circumstance will ever arrive upon this planet earth is a matter which is open to debate for the world and the planet earth in itself was intended, conceived and created for the purpose as a plane of relationship of interpolation for various millions of untold souls who have come and gone through the world of experience and created for themselves the necessary, evolutionary substance in their psychic selves which enabled them to go into other planets and to other solar systems, into other worlds which have gone beyond the time and place of their own world. Will our own world ever develop such a time and place that we will be completely rid of all of the old false ideosophies and pantheologies of the past? Will we be able to out-live the fanaticism of our present day religious systems? Will we ever be able to evade the self-delusion of chasing the will-of-the-wisp, the false materialistic concepts? As far as the majority or bulk of the people upon the planet earth today are concerned, the answer would be a strong, strict and emphatic "NO"; they like you and I and everyone in this room and all truth seekers, who have passed that point, that fork in the road, will—in some way, some place, on some earth—remain in such subjugated materialistic concepts until they too have imbued within their psychic self the necessary elements which will enable them to live in a higher dimension of consciousness.

The Bridge to Heaven, Pages 85-86

The comparatively few times He has returned have not left fond memories, for often have the negative and destructive earthmen brought his life to a conclusion, even as He labored to bring man words of wisdom that would make his life a better one.

Think on this fellow seeker, and you will know why the Interspace Travelers do not stop here! Man always tries to destroy that which he does not understand, and it has happened to Him more than once. However, in the present, the Powers and Forces of Light shall be victorious. We have taken great caution that our whereabouts be unknown and have lived very secretly that the negative factions shall not again block, deter and waylay the great and infinite Message which He has brought mankind.

The Bridge to Heaven, Pages 238-239

Yet, is it not strange when we conceive the science and what man is, and what he can and does become with understanding—quite differently than does the present homosapiens exist—and which is another reason why intelligences from more highly-evolved planets do not come to earth, other than in such instances as has the Unarius Moderator, and to whom this earth world is very low on the scale of evolution, comparatively speaking, to planets and worlds from whence He has descended.

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 243

But as has been mentioned, the earthman shall not as a whole, be ready for this creative science; he will not appreciate the Unarius Science for eons to come and then, only slowly will he grow into it. Those who have been conditioned for this their advent, are indeed most fortunate and should work sincerely at conceiving, for it can be life-changing to the receptive student.

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 329

The past two thousand years now have in effect, been brought up to the present. His mission two thousand years ago, brought to a conclusion so early in life before, had now been reestablished and much, much more has been added to all He taught then and even far more than he could have given then, as people were not, at that time, as ready for the more scientific phase, as some may be in the present or especially in the future. Yet these persons so prepared will be but one small part of the many eartheans; for man evolves so very slowly. Much time will be necessary before the masses can conceive this vast, infinite, Creative Science of Unarius.

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 339

….however, we know, too, that these people have not arrived at any point in their evolution where they could be receptive to this intelligence! So the world must suffer. But which way is man in general, progressing? We wonder!

Yes, man changes very slowly; only those who have prepared themselves for this advent on the Inner, before coming to earth, shall be able to enter into the study and remain ever steadfast in their efforts to understand.

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 359

There is nothing we could state no claim could be made for, or about this great Mind —the Unarius Moderator—that He would be unable to do; no questions could be posed to him that he would be unable to answer in a frank, practical, logical, scientific reply, regardless of what field or interest may be the topic! Could we say more? And for such a Being, this world is not a desirable place to live; as He often sates, "No wonder the spacemen do not land here!"

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 370

For the most part, the peoples of the earth world are too preoccupied with their material lives to be concerned with their future and spiritual principles; and as our Moderator often says, "It will be many thousands of years before the earthman will be ready to seek such knowledge; for the most part, the world will remain pretty much as it is for there is need for this lower type world for persons just evolving from their lower states."

The Bridge to Heaven, Page 194

Note: In my effort here to try to help the Unariun student realize the vital importance of continued and never ending study, I might remind you of the student who just recently passed over to the other side of life, when making a contact mentally with the Moderator said, "Oh, if I had only known, I would never have laid my books down one minute!" And Bessie had been a very devout student. I doubt if any person studies more than she did for never a day went by without delving into the texts for at least two hours—yet much depends upon concept or conceiving. One can read for hours on end but if he does not try to mentally digest what he is reading, his time is wasted. Attainment of the science is life-changing, and the life you save will be your own!


* * * * * * *