Infinite Perspectus Chapter 22

God's Only Begotten Son


Do not be confused by the apparent numerical superiority of the atheistic expressionists as they exist today, for all people are atheists despite the fact that they may proclaim to be religionists. They still are atheists until they understand the true Infinite God, until they understand the true procreation of mankind as a fundamental factor of regeneration which is constantly expressed from Infinite Intelligence. We cannot deify these things. We cannot remove them from the immediate apparency which is contained within the concept of our own minds. In all cases, and in whatever dimensions in which we so find ourselves, or in whatever lives with which we are so concerned, these basic elements will always remain paramount and dominant. They cannot be violated; they cannot be superimposed by any of our own personal facsimiles. We must ultimately be concerned with the complete resolution of these basic elements and principles within the ways, means, and manners of life as it is lived by us individually. As it is lived individually it becomes a pattern which is universally expressed by mankind.

It also must be remembered that if at any time we divert the more objective and abstract realizations of concept within our own minds into the more common and dominant physical expressions which may seemingly mandate their inclusion in our introspection, then we are lost—at least for the moment. We cannot form basic equivalents from such infractions as are commonly expressed by our fellow men, for these are merely the more primitive values extracted from the evolutionary process which sponsored them from the beginning of their more elemental and barbaric past.

Such equalities as are supposed to exist in any democratic system of government for instance, are actually nonexistent, and the concept of equality is most obnoxious and should be avoided at all costs, for it does not exist either in the concept of Infinity or in its expression. There are no equalities, and should we attempt to explain our own position as equal with that of any or all human beings, then we are approaching the tideland of mental vicissitudes wherein we shall be swallowed and made mentally inert.

As the Infinite is infinite in Its expression, so we as individuals, must also become infinite in our expressions. We cannot at any time, ever hope to express the same relationship to Infinity as does any other human being. We have not succeeded in doing this in any past experiences, and we shall never do this in the future. As individuals we shall always remain an individual creation of the Infinite Intelligence, and we shall as personal beings in that creation, express the same quotient of Infinity as is the basic principle of Infinite expression.

To say that we are equal to someone else who may have a different colored skin, or who may have some other political or religious belief, immediately arouses many complexities in this analysis which can never suitably be equalized no matter how far we carry this hopeless form of personal analysis. We can say that equality exists only in the common basic elements of expressive quotients or principles of expression as they are constantly regenerating in the infinite macrocosm and microcosm. In the full abstraction of evolution, each individual must realize that his evolutionary progress will give him equality in the scheme of Infinite Creation. It does not give him equality with any or all human beings no matter how he has so contrived his political or religious systems.

As a matter of fact, the constitution of the United States definitely expresses the ideal that everyone is entitled to live the way he chooses; then on the other hand it defeats the entire content of this expression by presupposing that equality exists in the common relationships wherein man can mentally conceive himself as living all aspects of life in a similar manner to that of his neighbor. Man has not realized that these individual expressions are most valuable to him, no matter what his religious beliefs, his political affiliations, that he has a different colored skin, or any of the other different factors of relationship which so vitally concern him at this present time. For each and every one of us, everyone who has ever lived or is so living, or hopes to live in the future, is at all times most vitally concerned with that constructive process of becoming one of the begotten Sons.

The complete entity of creation is expressed in the mental consciousness of every individual; the Infinite arrives at a new plateau of Infinity in the net extracted quotient of an Infinite number of human beings who are constantly re-expressing Infinity in the way, manner, and form in which they have learned to evolve Infinity in their own consciousness—not that they are all similar in all respects in their relationship to the Infinite, but rather that they present to the Infinite a different set of concepts—a different way in which they understand the Infinite, but always basically motivated, basically integrated, and expressed in the cardinal principle of regenerative creation.

This is the way the Infinite lives in such dimensions wherein we can envision mankind living in diverse and sundry brotherhoods or different aggregations as they should be more commonly understood. The more highly developed, the more highly evolved, the less desire there is to divide, to segregate, or to classify individuals into various groups, or to feel that the expressions of one group are necessarily superior to those of another group. Instead, there will be a gradual inclination or clemency to universally express the Infinite on the same cardinal principles of Infinite Regeneration, principles which will eventually, in more highly developed and more highly evolved states of consciousness, give to these various personalities the general consensus of universal brotherhood, a brotherhood which can be shared as an infinite proposition, a creative sublimation which carries on into the most remote phases of human expression.

Yes, man as he exists today is basically an animal, but he also is much more than an animal, at least in one respect; he has already begun to incorporate in his recognition of various deistic configurations the more ultimate sublimation of consciousness. In the evolution of consciousness which will verify, enlarge, and solidify this Infinite Perspectus, he will in a sense, be helping the Infinite Creator to create the one, the only begotten son in his own image, within the fabrication of his own psychic anatomy.

In that day of realization he will not be confounded with the configurations of deistic expressions; he will be able to understand the Infinite as It exists, and he will not subvert the hard earned and hard fought for mental horizon at which he has arrived by trying to compare it with his past life experiences. He will not be confused by the proclamations of various priests or religious Adventists; he will not be confused by political miasma; he will not be confused by the vague differences in political systems, or the differentiations of social structures and their so called sciences. The economies of the world will remain as they should be, merely passive elements of expression, rightly or wrongly used by mankind, and this too is the process of evolution into the higher worlds where man does become a begotten son.



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