I will not bend my knee
to seek the truth of life.
But from within it is I’ll find
and then I’ll cease my endless strife

The hide of the rhinoceros or an elephant is supposedly thick and impenetrable yet is but a gossamer tissue when compared to the hide-bound opinions which have been fostered in the darkness of an ignorant mind.

Since its beginning, an overwhelming mass of evidence has been compiled proving the Unariun mission as a continuation of the mission of Jesus of Nazareth. Furthermore, all such evidence verifies and corroborates the fact that the Moderator is this same Jesus reincarnate.




These discussions are very wonderful; I appreciate every one of them because it not only gives you a chance to find out some things but it also gives me an opportunity to learn a few more things too, for we never give but what we do not receive. When we give we make room to receive. We should remember that, for it is very basic in the fundamental concept.

While it is well and good to have certain idealisms or aspirations, it is much more logical if we can possess the power of perception within ourselves to attain these various idealisms.

It is very godlike to share with each other because then we are becoming active participants of that Infinite Creative God force; we are giving and receiving.

It makes little difference whether the person who is ill or so concerned with healing visualizes this catalytic agent as Jesus the Avatar, or whether he finds this catalytic and compelling agent in the face of his doctor, or that he finds it in the face of his priest, or perhaps he could even find it by swallowing a simple aspirin tablet or even by drinking a glass of water.

Everything would have to resolve itself into spiritual energy formations before we can get anywhere with it at all. Above all, if we quit trying to determine these aspects as personalities then we have made a big step. The creative forces of life are not in any sense of the word connected with a personality form or personality expression. When we stop praying, we cease to be pagans.

Man scorns and tramples upon inferiorities. He fears the unknown, and will always attempt to destroy it. If he can neither destroy or deny, he will take this unknown and mold it into a god and make a religion out of it.

All people who are living in the world today, just as people who have lived in the past, can be said to be obsessed to some more or less degree by these diverse spiritual entities that inhabit the astral worlds which are part of these fourth dimensional or interdimensional aspects about us. The fact that these spiritual entities cannot be seen or sensed by most people does not mean that they do not exist.

Indeed these works do and will represent to so many thousands of persons in the present and future time to come a new way of life, an inward realization of hopes, aspirations, and visions, which in its fulfillment, will free them from the dogmatic systems, material strifes, and various derelictions of the earthly world.

We are all brothers and sisters; we are all constructed the same way; we all function in the same manner; we all have the same relationship to the Infinite; there is no difference. Some of us have come up two or three steps on the ladder of evolution and others four or five; that is all. When people understand these things they will start melting down their battleships and their bombers and start making useful things of them.

Every human realizes secretly and otherwise, his own faults and deficiencies, but he will fight to the death before he will admit them, or that his evil circumstances are the result of his own making.

A person is a transmitter and he is a receiver; he is always transmitting in a certain given set of frequency formations which is compatible to his own dimension of understanding. That is the reason I can tune into a person and go back into his past lives. I can do it whether they are present or whether they are ten thousand miles away from here.

It cannot be rationalized that because great populations believe in certain deistic configurations, that they are necessarily true merely because of the numbers of believers.

In your new philosophy of life, you can always resolve the Infinite Cosmos and your relationship to it in regard to just how you can conceive this Infinity and just how much of this Infinity you can relate to your own particular transmission of life. In this conception, always be positively biased, for if a positive bias is not maintained, negative bias is always the penalty to pay and a negative bias means eventual destruction.

There are no karmic conditions which cannot be healed when the person will realize it and when proper conditions of attunement are brought into play. There may be a thought pattern which may take you a while to wean yourself away from, but your true condition has been canceled out immediately the moment you focus your mind upon it and realize what this psychic impingement is.

As to the future, prophecies and prognostications are for fools who are insecure and lack knowledge.

As Emerson said, ”be yourself, imitation is suicide.” Therefore, we also as Truth seekers, constructively minded on our evolutionary pathway, must learn to detach ourselves from the herd and the blind, sheep like attitude which often destroys sheep in their reaction to fear. After detaching ourselves, we must stand firmly upon the rock of personal and moral responsibility to the evolutionary principle of Creation.

So naturally when you go into these spiritual dimensions, it is even much more so than it is here because then you are functioning on vibration alone—not by instinct but by vibration; so you will go automatically to the planes or astral worlds to which you are best suited or that which you can visualize.

Do not be too concerned with what has gone into the limbo of past lives. Many times students and truth seekers are deviated from the true course by having their consciousness warped and distorted by knowing of such past evolutions. Be concerned with the valuable condiment contained in every experience and the wisdom derived from mastering such experiences.

Be patient, the problems of today as they concern your own relationship to this Infinite—whether they are in measures of healing as are posed against physical problems—mental or material derelictions in your daily lives, mean only one thing: they are a challenge to your own personal integrity, to your strength of character as to how much you can work out in the process of daily life to offset and correct these conditions.

If immortal life is to be attained by any human, it must be attained in a logical sequence of evolution which develops his mentality to such extensive proportions that he can live and function without dogma, creed, or rhetorical elements.








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