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The concept of Unarius is one of vast and Infinite proportions, comprising not only third or material dimensions in all known present day aspects, but also including interdimensional aspects of the vast, still unknown spiritual macrocosm. It can therefore be quickly recognized that the Unarian concept cannot be mastered overnight; nor can such mastery be presumed in a lifetime. Indeed the acquisition and mastery of the Unarian concept involves the complete future of any individual student which may take millions of years before some assumed theoretical point of mastery is reached. This is not to be feared however, neither should it cause despair but should instead inspire the aspirant with the quickening sense of a wonderful new challenge, a progressive evolution ever expanding into new horizons, new vistas, and lives lived in higher spiritual worlds.

In the study of the Unarian concept, great emphasis has been placed upon the personal moral responsibility and integrity of every student; that he must begin to acquire a fundamental, factual knowledge of the Infinite and the regenerative principle in which the Infinite functions; and that this Infinite will gradually take the place of the previous age-old pagan concepts wherein certain deifications were worshipped and certain escape mechanisms were used instead of the true approach to a realistic solution of life’s problems.

In this respect therefore the Unarian concept mandates that a progressive evolution can only be instigated and maintained by the acquisition of knowledge of the Infinite and It’s usage. It can also be rightfully assumed that knowledge and usage are synonymous. As knowledge is acquired it is obtained only in a proportional amount of usage; for usage in turn becomes knowledge in effect—that is structurally impounded in the psychic anatomy and therefore develops the personality.

It is quite conceivable that during this period of transition from the old way of life into the new and especially in its first stages, that the aspiring student may be frequently tempted, either consciously or subconsciously, to resort to and use various devious actions and escape mechanisms which he has used in the past to try and escape the necessity of his moral responsibilities. Therefore some practical do's and don'ts are in order which will enable the student to adopt a more comprehensive course of action in his daily life.

The first is the realization that there are all kinds of spiritual worlds peopled by all kinds of people, from demons to Archangels and that through various mental attunements which are forms of consciousness, any of these personalities can be contacted. In this respect therefore, you must have a practical selective association with those peoples who are probably in a more advanced position than is yourself. Your association with these higher and more advanced personalities should also be realistic. They do not like to be prayed to or worshipped. They understand human nature very well, therefore it is quite useless to try and compromise them; neither should you demand of them or to order them to do something. They are not like the police and fire departments, a public utility paid for by the citizens.

Instead approach Them mentally as you would advanced people in your material world with proper respect and decorum; but without a worshipful attitude. If you need help and help is really needed, then you can ask them for the much needed help—realizing that through certain scientific channels and dispensations, great healing power can be projected to you. Under no circumstances however should help be requested if you are in any position to help yourself, that is in cases of extreme desperation where physical and mental anguish has made it impossible for you to keep constructively attuned to the Infinite Power.

In other words there is a delicately balanced relationship wherein you are constantly using all of your own mental faculties and attunements in a cooperative balance with those of the higher worlds. The second and very important point of personal conduct is your relationship to the great Infinite Intelligence Itself. This great Infinite Intelligence is as has been described, both the power and the substance of all things; It is the new concept which is replacing your old pagan god-deification. This Infinite Intelligence is not emotional, therefore is not subject to common human vicissitudes. It is also not personal but Infinite in nature. Therefore you can never have a personal relationship to It in the sense that It can be emotionally or personally intimidated. You cannot compromise It. It will not respond to your prayers. It does not look into your daily life and approve of disapprove of your actions. It can live without you; in fact It did for countless billions of years and It could keep right on existing without you; but at the same time you as a participle of expression in unison with all other people, provide the Infinite with its greatest conglomerate expression.

The proper way to contact the Infinite is first understand what It is and the principle which makes it possible to function. Once this knowledge is acquired there is as direct consequence, a constant and never ending attunement with the Infinite. This constant consciousness of the Infinite is the true baptism, the complete immersion in spirit. You will in this knowledge constantly see the infinite in action and with the passing of time the greater will be this visualization and its impact upon your daily life.

You will find that it is no longer necessary to use your conscious mind in certain constructive efforts such as prayer, affirmations, rituals, symbologies, etc.; your relationship to this Infinite intelligence will be the natural normal consciousness of It, attained through the knowledge of It. When this knowledge has thus begun to be acquired you will realize how useless are the old pagan practices of prayer to deifications and various so-called religious devices used by the material man and which are largely escape mechanisms.

An escape mechanism is in effect a form of cheating yourself like someone who cheats in a game of solitaire. No one escapes the responsibility of his future. There is only one practical solution. If you want a better life, a better future, you must start now to begin to build that better life in the future. You will never have any other time except the present. Procrastination will only decrease your chances and your opportunity for a better life.

This is why the Unarian concept is now being circulated in the world, to present to any individual who wishes a better life, a practical, realistic and scientific way to achieve it and which will insure him a progressive evolution into the future which is synonymous to eternal life; the only basic requirement being that he is willing to give up his old way of life. The old way being actually all that he is, he must therefore conceive within his mind in the future eons of time, that he will entirely reconstruct himself. This reconstruction is also synonymous to the aforementioned progressive evolution and when you grasp the true significance of this challenge and rise to meet it, this will be your resurrection.

In conclusion therefore, desist from any and all age-old practices which involve autosuggestion: i.e., prayer, affirmations, compromises to self or to fancied gods, mandates and demands, dictatorial attitudes and rock-hard opinions, etc. Instead, approach the future realistically and scientifically. Learn to conduct yourself properly with peoples in the higher worlds. Learn about the Infinite and Its principle of function and keep in tune with It by seeing It in action in all things.